It’s Pisces Season: Here’s Your March 2019 Home Horoscope

updated Jul 30, 2020
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Slide out your underbed storage, astral voyagers. March offers a delicious portal into our past lives, as we feel into all the spaces of faith that can’t be proven, and practice sweet and soft non-judgment about everything that lies beneath our dust ruffles. Asking us to embrace our whole selves without assessing or analyzing, this mystical month invites us to transform dust bunnies into stardust.

After last month’s massive energetic clean out, ’tis the season to let things that have already come loose simply fall away. With our first Mercury retrograde of the year in Pisces, and the Sun moving through that same sign of the magical mermaid, we’re finding closure and release as we prep to burst into Spring. Where can you just sit back and embrace gravity, and maybe even find some lusciousness in the sense of landslide? With changemaker Uranus finally starting its seven-year cycle through Taurus in earnest, we’re gearing up to match the energy of our longings, as this planetary shift beckons us to open wide and receive the good stuff, secure in our sense of deservedness without a trace of scarcity mentality.

It’s a cosmic time for rolling in the bedsheets, and moving to a rhythm that can’t be rationally explained. Embrace radical empathy and find forgiveness in every facet of your woodwork. From the attic to the basement, it’s all part of it, and it’s all part of you.

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In the Stars: Happy birthday month, Little Mermy! After last month’s lessons in allowing, March is a ripe opportunity to fully celebrate your capacity for compassion. Compassion literally means “to have passion with,” and you can let every deep feel be a gateway to remembering what lights you up. Whether it’s tears or laughter or shivers, your emotional body can steer you straight into the arms of what you want to create next. Remember that you are an artist par excellence, Pisces. Wield your magic wand in response to every sensation that sings in your heart.

In Your Space: While yours is a watery season, the end of the month ignites spring equinox heat, and you’re invited to prep your space for this blooming and blossoming. Plant bulbs. Bleach your whites. Let surfaces be clean and clear, as you ready yourself for an arrival. And inject some passion into your compassion, playing with saturated reds, oranges, and pinks, shiny objects, and newness in all forms. Let your space feel like a blank canvas, and splash the color of your soul onto its ready walls.

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In the Stars: After all your work last month blending into your environment, and releasing any effort around ego expression, this month asks you to truly relax and release. With your ruler, Mars, rolling through Taurus, and touchy tender Chiron now traveling through your sign, you’re invited to add some sweet yin to your yang, and find delight in surefooted moves rather than wild, hot-blooded leaps. What’s fueling your feeling that you’ve got to do everything right now, Aries? Abide in the space before the leap, and let that gap liberate you.

In Your Space: Your March design inspiration is a hybrid of Far Eastern philosophy and swimming pool space openers. Let emptiness and simplicity feed your search for fulfillment. While you don’t have to worry about a Spring cleanout just yet, start by clearing physical space, placing unused items into cabinets and drawers, and letting your passage between rooms feel like an unfettered liberation. You’re clearing the decks so you can open your arms wide in a dive of release. Move out any items you might trip over so you can truly fly, Aries.

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In the Stars: This month brings the long-awaited shift of Uranus into your sign, Taurus, and you’re asked to trust that you have every resource you need in your arsenal to meet the moment. It’s a month for exploring soul security on every level. What do you know to be true about yourself despite external shifts? What’s been by your side through ice and rain and wind? It’s a cosmic moment for letting these irrefutabl parts of yourself and your experience bolster your ability to boldly go where you haven’t ever gone before.

In Your Space: Fashion your pad after a dressing room or backstage space this month, imagining that you are a megawatt performer who needs this space to refuel and rediscover your ground. Stock the cabinets with your favorite treats. Freshen up your towels and bathrobes so they can truly wrap you and hold you when you need to come home. And make sure the door hinges are lubed up and the locks are in place. As you prep to meet the shifting moments of change outside, find trust in the security of some solitude and retreat on the inside.

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In the Stars: After last month’s carefully honed focus and eyes on the prize, March asks you to delight in getting a little fuzzy and feely, as your ruler Mercury moves into retrograde mode in a water sign. Where have you been holding back the tears Gemini? Where might you be rationalizing or explaining something that simply needs to be felt? Notice any places where the brain is trumping the heart. It’s a month for embracing your full emo range, and being willing to truly feel it to heal it.

In Your Space: What if your space could feel like an oceanic oasis, Gemini? Start with the bathroom and trick out this area of ablution with all the accoutrements you’d find in a high-end spa. You’re being asked to truly care for your emotional body right now, and this can start with something as simple as bath salts, or basket of lotions. Dip into every room in your pad, and ask how it could be made into a softer place to land. Think plush rugs, mood lighting, and private curtains. Tuck into your space like a seashell.

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In the Stars: Last month’s lessons in perspective invited you into a different kind of rhythm with your emotions and where they lead you, Cancer, and March asks you to continue this exploration without grasping too hard about desired outcomes. You’re an ocean wave who shapes the land, and fellow water sign Pisces is the salt spray that rides on the crest. Where can you release from having to make a mark on the sand or get a “result” from your feelings, and just live in the longing instead, content to see what new dreams might be ready to rise and fall?

In Your Space: Nebulousness and amorphousness are your guiding lights this month. Start by losing the contours and hard edges, covering wooden tables with soft clothes, and leaving doors between rooms wide open. How can your habitat become even a little bit hazy? Burn the incense and activate your dimmers, Cancer, finding delight in abiding with the in-between. Your space should feel almost like a mirage. Fill it with fantasy pieces, antique mirrors, and plenty of beaded curtains.

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In the Stars: On the surface, you may not appear to share much with watery, boundary-less Pisces energy that longs to fuse where you long to shine in your distinction. But the medicine of this month comes through in the form of tenderness and vividness. Along with Pisces, you are the sign who’s invited to get closer. To put your hands on what scares you without judgment. To come at the world with a wide open, innocent heart, despite any hardenings that are borne from experience. Where can you “go first” and bring the world your gift of softness? Take this month to melt the ice and turn it to cream, Glitter Kitten.

In Your Space: Explore where you might feel “estranged” from parts of your pad. Which area feels empty and cold? Which corner do you unconsciously avoid? Befriend the spaces and furniture pieces that feel distant from you and give them sweet loving design attention. Place lights in darkened corners and pillows on the floor. Prime the zone you usually turn your back on with a fresh coat of paint in a saturated shade. Your willingness to infuse artistry into these forgotten places can start a ripple effect through the rest of your life.

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In the Stars: With all your exercises in allowing last month, you’re now primed for the sweet release and are asked to open your palms and your heart for what wants to come in. This starts with letting yourself truly be sensitized and affected by the world around you. Where have you been stealing yourself against a situation, exercising micro managerial controls out of fear that if the floodgates open, you’ll be rendered powerless? It’s a gorgeous month for floating downstream, and finding faith in the contours and currents you can’t see or touch.

In Your Space: When aligned in body and soul, you are capable of incredible feats of healing. Let your space feel like an apothecary this month. What can you have on hand that will physically support a sense of letting go? Start with fresh herbs and plants you can watch naturally move through their cycles, but which you can also cut for cooking or celebrate for their scents. Or a small fountain or water feature that serves as both artistic flair and meditative invitation to come into presence. Let the pragmatic intertwine with the mystical, Virgo, and treat yourself to both.

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In the Stars: After last month’s exercises in getting “out there,” March offers you a sweet return to your romantic core, Libra. But this isn’t about idealistic scheming or heart goals. Instead, it’s about pure and simple pleasure, and your availability to receive it. When’s the last time you just let a compliment wash you in its shimmering graces, without having to explain it away? Do you feel like your life is truly on your side? March is an invitation to move ever closer to all that is gold, Libra, and to deeply believe that you are worthy of it.

In Your Space: Get inspired by the visions you had as a kid of your adult life, and let this approach feel as graceful and tasty as an Easy Bake Oven. Where did you imagine you’d live? Even if you aren’t physically there, incorporate elements of this dream landscape into your everyday, whether it’s crystal cut goblets fit for a castle, or tiki torches that light the way to your private island. Let this process remind you that the so-called imaginary is worth bringing into the physical realm, and that it can open you up to new visions that exist right on the edge of the real.

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In the Stars: While your watery energy is more like ice or steam, March invites you into the Piscean depths that melt the edges and ease any sense of effort. What’s so scary about things being easy, Scorpio? Do you fear the loss of your precious intensity? Do you believe that all things worth wanting must be paid for through sweat and struggle? This month is both a gift and an invitation to come up against your growing edge, softening wherever you can and letting leisure liberate you. Remember that you deserve to be here and enjoy what’s naturally yours, without having to pay one penny for it.

In Your Space: Creature comforts are your guiding inspo this month, and you’re asked to start with any furniture or spaces that feel “difficult” to abide in. Cushion your chairs. Beanbag and blanket it. Swap overhead lights for small decorative lamps. Let fabrics be silken. Let scents be light and soothing. Embrace the life aquatic and upgrade your space with seagrass and undulating patterns. Imagine that every facet of your lair could facilitate a healing.

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In the Stars: After February’s explorations in alignment, March offers you an even subtler opportunity to adjust your approach. As one of the zodiac’s most “over-the-top” firebrands, don’t let this frighten you. Instead, apply your characteristic zeal for adventure, and seek to pay attention to the smallest shifts and details in your life. Where could you liberate even more potential by taking care of behind-the-scenes structures? And what information is coming in through your emotions that you sometimes shut out? Listen to the whispers this month, Sag, and let them be just as wild as the shouts.

In Your Space: While it may sound woo-woo at first, practice a little intuitive design work by actually listening to your space and realizing that it already contains inherent wisdom. What color do the walls actually want? Where can the natural shape of a room be honored even more? Imagine the past lives of your space and if so inclined, dig into researching previous tenants and spatial histories. Experiment with both energetic and physical layers, stripping down to discover what lies beneath.

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In the Stars: Beyond some of the descriptions of your sign as “corporate” or “striving,” more than anything else, you’ve incarnated to consider your legacy carefully, and place energy and attention where your soul wants to go. Let March be an invitation to really interrogate the emotional underpinnings of the structures in your life. Why do you believe what you believe? How is your day organized and who is truly calling the shots? This is a subtle offering that returns you to your own soulful self-sufficiency, empowered to make choices that sync your deepest self with your work in the world.

In Your Space: Let this depth come alive in your environs. Start by repairing anything that’s slipshod or temporary. Get a little mystical and investigate the kind of rocks and minerals you’re actually living atop. Ask “why” of your furniture pieces and color schemes. Did you chose a certain design because you thought you should? Are you stuck with inherited pieces you can’t get rid of because of guilt associated with the gifter? Who are your aesthetic gurus and guides, Cappy? Imagine that your lair is part of your legacy, and explore what you would truly want to leave behind in its rooms.

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In the Stars: Last month ignited your clear seeing and capacity for visualization, and March asks you to trust so profoundly in what you discovered that you can let yourself get a little bit “lost.” Pisces Season energy invites us to forgo the map and just wander the land. To not have to “know” because our souls know on a much deeper level. And with pleasure planet Venus now tracking through your sign, there’s a joyous sense of expansion in the wilds for you. Let freedom, whatever your personal definition is, be your call and your credo.

In Your Space: Let things simply take shape this month, first noticing what’s naturally falling away in your space. Maybe it’s an old piece of furniture that literally gives out. Or an appliance breakdown. Practice abiding with these little spatial “deaths” and not needing to immediately purchase a replacement. And tap into the exploratory quality of March by softening the hard edges of uses and rooms. Maybe it’s napping in the bathtub, or working in the kitchen. Let the strict boundaries dissolve.