It’s the End of the Astrological Year—Here’s What Pisces Season Means For Your Home

published Mar 2, 2020
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Credit: Kath Nash

Draw a sudsy pink bubble bath and prepare to take the plush plunge. March’s cosmic forecast is full of fluffy feelings and the time and space to swim beside them. After February’s clear-sighted realizations, March is a hazier month. Like a slow-release vitamin supplement, this month wants us to find contentment in assimilating our life happenings at exactly the pace that fits. 

The Pisces Sun is a powerful cycle closer that leads us to the end of the astral year. As you sink into inevitable change, however microscopic or epic, what is the speed, texture, and color of shape shifting that best fits you in this moment? Whether it’s a whirlwind home renovation, or a subtler turn towards a new shade of paint, trust that however you’re transforming is perfect, custom-cut for your own signature style of surrender. 

And with pleasure-seeker Venus entering the R&R of Taurus, a harvest-spice Full Moon in Virgo, and cosmic taskmaster Saturn shifting into Aquarius’ future visions, we’re making a delicious mud bath that’s designed to exfoliate old patterns.

Credit: Kath Nash

Pisces & Pisces Rising

In the Stars: Happy birthday month, sweet Pisces. It’s a buoyant moment for teaching your fears how to float. Rather than shutting down any big emotions, you’re invited to open your arms wide like an Olympic diver. Let any overwhelm give way to a feeling of infiniteness, wading right into the waters and embracing it all. 

In Your Space: Adopt the radical design notion that a little bit of clutter could spark creativity rather than chaos. Start with the precious pond of your bathtub, letting candles and crystals spill out along the edges and finding beauty in cozily crowded cosmetic cabinets. 

Credit: Kath Nash

Aries & Aries Rising

In the Stars: Your dips into subtly get even deeper this month, Aries, and you’re asked to simply surrender—letting things actually happen for you, rather than trying to control the wind itself. While your brain and ego may rail against this release, your spirit is going to love it. Throw your hands in the air and wave them wild. 

In Your Space: Let this flavor of responsiveness permeate your walls, Aries, as you experiment with weathered patinas and seasonal fruit baskets. Rather than forcing your design agenda, true art is made by showing up for the sweet stuff on your doorstep. 

Credit: Kath Nash

Taurus & Taurus Rising

In the Stars: What could use a little aeration and circulation, Taurus? March is a month for smoking out what’s stuffy with equal parts strength and softness. Think of it as an emotional line-drying season, where new perspectives arise by simply being willing to leave some of your old stories and habit-patterns out in the sun. 

In Your Space: Let your lair feel deliciously solar-bleached and lemony, embracing a beach house aesthetic that’s casually confident in its comfy cleanliness. Play with wicker rockers, driftwood, and some upgraded ceiling fans for your belief-changing bungalow. 

Credit: Kath Nash

Gemini & Gemini Rising

In the Stars: What’s going bump in the night for you right now, Gemini? March is a month for flipping the lights on and exposing your worst fears as blanket piles. Embracing all aspects of your humanness will help you step into greater authority with ease, transforming nervousness into self-sufficient, self-knowledge. 

In Your Space: Wield a lightsaber in your lair, disposing of under-the-bed storage and clearing closets with compassionate clarity. Embrace simple lines, straightforward shades, and clean surfaces, finding comfort in a what-you-see-is-what you-get approach. 

Credit: Kath Nash

Cancer & Cancer Rising

In the Stars: How can your daily life begin to feel like a continual skydiving leap, Cancer? March wants you to consider the liberating possibilities that spring from the realization that literally all of your efforts at control are a delusion. By giving yourself over to the fullness of the present moment, all roads open like glittering runways. 

In Your Space: Sightlines are key this month, Cancer, as you experiment with opening your vision to exhilarating chance. Invite a far-off aesthetic into your lair by picking up travel-inspired pieces from lands you’ve not yet explored. 

Credit: Kath Nash

Leo & Leo Rising

In the Stars: More than any other sign, you can summon a sun-kissed faith amidst the most stormy conditions. March is the month to remember this glitter and glow, igniting a soul-shaped stability no matter what rages outside. Treat yourself like a lighthouse keeper, Leo, and commit to stoking even the smallest of embers. 

In Your Space: Whether it’s a literal or metaphorical hearth, dedicate yourself to what you perceive to be the core of your home. Play with centerpieces, oven upgrades, and tables around which you can truly gather. 

Credit: Kath Nash

Virgo & Virgo Rising

In the Stars: It’s an airtight month for attending to the shapes you create, Virgo, exploring borders, boundaries, and eternal truths. What is calling for your focus right now and what is sucking your energy through distraction? Don’t be afraid to wield the scythe, cutting away at anything that takes away too much of your precious self. 

In Your Space: Play with inspiration drawn from well-managed megacities like Tokyo, exploring stowaway beds, upgraded drawer sliders, and a streamlined, soundless aesthetic that helps you see what truly matters. 

Credit: Kath Nash

Libra & Libra Rising

In the Stars: While your sign is often associated with equilibrium, you sometimes forget that this act of balancing can be a proprietary blend. March is a month for creatively crafting an equation that actually works for you, assessing anything that’s out of whack and dedicating yourself to filling what feels unduly empty. 

In Your Space: Draw inspiration from spice racks and old fashioned sculleries, Libra, exploring what you need in your pantry to feel ready for the world. Let purging expired goods and keeping beautifully useful items on hand fuel feelings of sensual security. 

Credit: Kath Nash


In the Stars: What obsessions have gotten you twisted in a knot lately, Scorpio? March is a month for interrogating the so-called passions on autopilot that have started to feel a bit more painful than pleasurable. Think of yourself as a feel-good metal detector this month, and only dig up more of what makes you glow. 

In Your Space: Don’t be afraid of the fluff, Scorpio, tossing extra pillows on the bed and pile in the carpet. You deserve to have your home feel like it actually shelters you; let your seating feel sinkable and the bedsheets be silken. 

Credit: Kath Nash

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

In the Stars: Sometimes you go full-steam ahead without fully attending to your feelings, Sag. This month wants to remind you that you are most potent when you have both, mixing your mojo with an emotion ocean that whips your plans into a passionate cauldron boil. Don’t be afraid to cry, scream, and laugh even louder, letting your largeness light your fire. 

In Your Space: Treat your space like a creative dollhouse, remembering that you stand at the center of your design process. Let your rooms become an evolving mood ring, as you sample paints, change out lightbulbs, and move furniture to suit your current sensation. 

Credit: Kath Nash

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

In the Stars: Think of March as an epic evening of trip planning, Capricorn, as you prep for departure from a way of being. There’s something that has hit its fill line, and it’s been itching to slip off you like an outgrown suit jacket. Consider the magic that can arise from actually honoring this upgrade, taking all the time you need to shift shells

In Your Space: Dip into design nostalgia, picking an older era from your own life or from history as aesthetic inspo. The readiness to shift gears stems from your willingness to celebrate the storied past in material form. 

Credit: Kath Nash

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

In the Stars: Your far-seeing gaze is able to change whole worlds, Aquarius. And March is a potent call to turn that expansive energy inward, connecting with your emotional root systems and lasting sources of nourishment. What is it that you actually need right now, beyond the shoulds and the shame? Let this simple question lead you back to the seat of yourself. 

In Your Space: Consider the concept of sanctuary as your stylistic guide this month. Whether you’re drawn to the religious pageantry of gilded baroque churches, or more naturalistic 70s new age vibes, let your lair feel like a direct line to your own flavor of divinity.