It’s Taurus Season: Here’s Your May Home Horoscope

updated Jul 16, 2020
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Dip it in dark chocolate and dive into the silk sheets, cosmic lovers. May is Taurus season, and the zodiac’s bovine bombshell infuses our lairs with Old Hollywood stylings, and reminds us that we are always, absolutely, worthy of what we desire.

This Taurus season really lays out the red carpet for an exploration of value and worth, and with Pluto and Saturn stationing retrograde, Chiron entering Aries, and change-maker Uranus radicalizing the earthbound security landscape, we’re being asked to smoke out old stories about “not good enough.”

Where do your true sources of sustenance lie? Are you ready for more, more, more, and can you open wide to receive it? From solid gold accents, to vanity tables fit for a interstellar Queen, let every space you enter feel like your personal boudoir.

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In the Stars: Happy birth month, bountiful babe! This is a big one for you, as the radical electricity of Uranus shifts into your sign, and you may find that your usual “feed” supplies no longer feel fully feeling. But have no fear, goddess of the grasslands. This is simply an upgrade towards a deeper relationship with your desire nature. Tell us what you want, what you really, really, want.

In Your Space: Let your world be a candy store, dear Taurus, and take some design cues from Alice in Wonderland meets Charlie & The Chocolate Factory. Lay out little dishes of jordan almonds. Delight in the treasures of gold-edged volumes on shelves, and cozy fireplaces. As you release towards major change, let your lair be a bastion of sweet reprieve amidst the shifts.

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In the Stars: As you gear up for your season (the Sun enters your sign on May 20th), you’re being asked to check in with your sense of stability. No easy feat for a winged babe who loves to circulate and sample the wares. Can you find ways to ground down that feel deeply nourishing rather than stifling? Let being in your body feel like coming home at long last.

In Your Space: It’s all about supporting yourself in almost invisible ways right now, Gemstone. Let your lair feel like a mini spa, and start by infusing the air with the most luxuriously mystical scents. Let this be soft and ephemeral; start with incense and diffusers. Invest in old fashioned English soaps, and the marble dishes to hold them. This month is all about atmosphere. Start with how you want to feel, and let the design unfold from there.

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In the Stars: As Pluto and Saturn station retrograde in your “opposite” sign of Capricorn, this month is a deep dive into your power center, and your sources of support in the external world. Really sink into where you haven’t yet allowed yourself to be cared for, and start with self sustenance that’s built to last. How can you celebrate your own lovability? What structures can you build to hold your own heart for the long run?

In Your Space: This is a beams and walls month for you, and a perfect time to really investigate the soundness on which your house or apartment is founded. Home inspections, structural supports, and the sense that you can stand on your own two feet are favored. Start with a fresh welcome mat and a fresh coat of paint in your hallways. Then don’t be afraid to dive into major overhauls of everything from the cellar to the roof.

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In the Stars: This is a see and be seen month for you, as Taurus energy activates the powerhouse top of your chart, glitter kitten. But before you lay out all your tassels and sequins, consider the ways in which you inherit your kingdom. Do you feel like you have to seize it all before someone can take it away? Where is your inherent sense of deservedness that doesn’t have to be proven? There is no one else who can be the you that you were born to be. Move into this place with ease and grace.

In Your Space: Settle into your lair like a kitten lapping sweet cream. Notice any chairs or loungers that simply aren’t comfy and sumptuous and get them gone. Everything that you sit upon should feel fully ready to receive you. Take good care laying out your feasts as well. Upgrade your flatware and treat yourself like the most honored dinner guest.

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In the Stars: Luck be a Virgo, tonight! The planetary energies dance into your zone of high rolling and adventurous unfolding, and you find yourself ready to gamble. While you’re not always the zodiac’s wildest risk taker, this is prime time for leaps of faith. But with earthy trines supporting you from boundary-maker Saturn and transformer Pluto, you’ve got wellsprings of power you didn’t even know were possible. Let yourself celebrate all you’ve created, and let this be the solid platform from which you take your dive.

In Your Space: Let your space feel highly circulatory and immensely easeful. Any flows of furniture or belongings that you keep tripping over or having to negotiate around must go. You’re space should feel like a modern dance platform, where any body movement is possible at any moment. It’s a perfect month for traveling light, so purge those pieces that are weighing you down, either physically or emotionally, and fly free!

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In the Stars: With Taurus planets sliding into your underworld zone of intimacy and intensity, this is a black-lit month for probing the far reaches of your animalism, and making some major strides in healing old wounds around your “messy” humanness. Where can you forgive yourself for doing the best you could in past moments, with exactly what you had? Where can you let even more of yourself “hang out,” and find freedom in this sense of coming undone, Libra? Cry it out, scream it out, dance it out, and discover lavish liberation in the full-range of feeling.

In Your Space: Create an internal lair that supports all of these emotional deep dives by drawing the curtains and turning on the low lights. While you’re a cosmic creative who thrives with plenty of bright luminescence and air, this month is actually about sitting with some of your less comfy feelings, so create a safe container for yourself that isn’t too exposed to the world. Velvety fabrics, tasseled lamp shades, and scented candles lead the way.

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In the Stars: Oh sweet, Scorpio, you know all about desire. And this month marks an even deeper dive into your journey to penetrate all the reaches of longing and lusting. Yet with the Sun in your opposite sign of Taurus, you can let this feel softer and more tender than ever before. What are you dreaming of? Where do you find a sense of romance? Don’t be afraid to sink into whatever your version of the fairytale is. You deserve it all and then some.

In Your Space: Get dreamy, Scorpion. This doesn’t have to signal fluffy cloud pillows and pink accents (you’re the Queen of the Underworld after all). But where you can, infuse a newfound sense of levity that supports your growing belief in easefulness and pleasure. Take a darker shade of paint and lighten it up a few notches. Choose a silken fabric where you once had rattan. Let your design choices spring from the radical notion that your world should feel good!

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In the Stars: As Taurus energies dance into your zone of daily micromovements and healthy green juices, it’s prime time to support yourself at every moment. Rather than an oppressive list of chores, let this feel like a spiritual coaching program designed just for you. Be your own cheerleader and lead the way with pom poms and tasty treats that make your body sing. You’ve got megawatt work to do in the world. Let your behind-the-scenes run seamlessly.

In Your Space: This is a wondrous month to dive into the cabinets and investigate what kinds of products you’re putting into and onto your body. This doesn’t have to signal a new dietary regime or any kind of hard-edged upgrade. Just notice the tastes and scents and textures that feel good as they roll on or go down. And really get into those nooks and crannies. Let smoking out the dust bunnies give you a whole new sense of what’s possible when you air out the cracks and crevices.

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In the Stars: You’re slow and steady proclivities get even more luxuriously languid this month, Capricorn, as your ruler Saturn stations retrograde, and Taurus energy slide into your zone of passion, play, and the power of now. What are you willing to watch unfold, moment by moment? How can you trust that it’s all coming to you on its own, sweet timeline? Power down from forcing it, and delight in everything you’ve already got.

In Your Space: Treat your space like a treasure trove and work with all of the resources you already have. But let this feel like a playdate rather than an effortful overhaul of repurposing and reupholstery. Dig out old items that you’ve long forgotten but which still make your heart sing. Lovingly add new life to dark corners with lamps, candles, and feather dustings. And rest on your laurels while you’re at it. Plump up couches with extra pillows and sink into a sense of unshakable satisfaction with what is.

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In the Stars: As your ruler, Uranus, shifts into the slow earthy reaches of Taurus, and the Sun slips into your treehouse zone of emotional inner worlds, you’re being asked to step out of the spotlight and back into your own, quiet reaches. This isn’t always the comfiest place for you, so take it at the pace you need to. You’re learning to lean into stillness, and to reconnect with an inward-facing sense of inventiveness that needs no hooks in the external worlds. Treat this time like a spiritual retreat.

In Your Space: Get meditative with your environment, and create supportive spaces for deep solitude and searching. Strip down overcrowded spaces, add anything from rock gardens to gongs, and delight in the sense of home as sanctuary. How can the crossover from the outside world into your lair feel quasi religious? Dress up your thresholds with softly beaded curtains and veils. Let each passage feel like the gateway to another layer of your inner reaches.

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In the Stars: With the Sun shifting into your zone of buzzy communication and vocal chord power, you’re ready to act with confidence on some messages you’ve been contemplating. As a mutable, adaptable astro babe, you may feel like you’re not fully ready to commit to a course. But trust that the process of debuting some of your incubated ideas to the world and actually choosing a pathway, can be expressive rather than repressive. No choice is final, and earth stability can actually support your adventurous unfolding as you grow your roots down to let your wild branches catch the wind.

In Your Space: Explore the creative tension between wildness and stability by tricking out indoor-outdoor spaces like patios, balconies, and fire escapes. Let your sense of levity and circulation be infused by this sense of groundedness as well; install new ceiling fans and mobiles that remind you that even the spinning movement of these accents finds its roots in the wall. Revel in palettes that are both light and saturated like candied pastels, and silver metallics.

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In the Stars: As the Sun glides into your zone of worthy treats and solid gold value, it’s a luscious moment for considering exactly what you’re here to gift to the world. It’s been a rough and ready ride for you lately, as the earthbound planetary energies have asked you to level up your contribution, consider pauses in your fiery sense of action, and figure out exactly what you’re building for the long haul. This month marks another stage of initiation into your deepest soul purpose. Get still. Get steady. And open your channel to receive your own magic. You are both a vessel and a producer, Aries, and you’re learning about this dance between receiving and creating. Consider everything that’s on your side, Aries, and trust that you’ll know exactly when to push and when to rest.

In Your Space: It’s a month for stabilizing your environment in all senses, Aries. No need for sudden design moves, or impulsive makeovers. What looks gorgeous right now in your space? Start there, and build out your beautiful from these hubs. Altars are a delicious way for you to start venerating a sense of sacred pause. Pick an object that you value, give it pride of place, and let yourself fixate on its singularity. While you’re at it, give extra love to your leisure spaces. Softer sheets, seats you can sink into, and gathering spaces that let you put your feet up when you come home from battle.