It’s Virgo Season: Here’s Your September Home Horoscope

updated Jul 17, 2020
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Embrace the divine detail of even the most lowly dust bunnies, astral voyagers. This month’s cosmic mix is brought to you courtesy of Virgo’s careful curation, and this majestically microscopic mami reminds us that the commitment to cultivating our emotional and physical interiors helps us bring our distinctive spatial style to the world outside our doors.

Far from the twitchy, neat and tidy reputation perpetuated by pop astrology, Virgo is actually the zodiac’s witchy, self-possessed siren, who marries herself to her own code and doesn’t give it away for free. Coupled with Mars and Saturn stationing direct in soul survivor Capricorn, and Venus entering the intimately intense underworld of Scorpio, we’re being asked to let constraints and friction feel creatively liberating. This cosmic season reminds us that containment can lead to celebration, and that self-sufficiency creates feasts that no one can steal away.

On the home front, notice how the physical contours of your space can become haikus that teach you how to work with exactly what you have on hand. Rather than design-drenched shopping sprees, strip it back to the basics of spatial self love, as you harness the resources you’ve already got in kitchen cabinets and atop vanity tables.

‘Tis the season for exercising a precious pause, and bowing at the altar of your perfectly imperfect self, exactly as you are. When you move to the rhythm of what already surrounds you, every surface is a secret gateway to the magically real.

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In the Stars: Rejoice, vestal vixen! Your birthday month finds you firmly back in the seat of your power, and able to assess exactly what stays and what goes without a trace of hesitation. The concept of alignment is critical for you this month, but it doesn’t have to contain any harsh critiques. With the Grand Earth Trine making magic in your fire-ruled zones, you’re transforming heaven into a place on earth by asserting exactly what you need and what you’re worth, with no equivocations.

In Your Space: This is rustic, yet palatial, spatial energy, and you can find inspo in the interiors of Game of Thrones or other cinematically epic adventure books that offer up solid, woodsy kingdoms. Think majestic, yet handmade, accent pieces like wardrobes and full-sized dining tables. Place clay bowls, vases, and other pottery around your space to remind you of the fine art of remaining open wide to catching what’s already in the air.

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In the Stars: Drift away, sweet Libra, and discover that acts of surrender can be easier than you think. With earth energies activating your water-ruled zones, you can actually find solid ground by giving it up and turning it loose to your emo fluctuations. Notice their patterns and rhythms, and treat your triggers like treasures, following them all the way to their source as you scroll through your past lives in order to embrace all of your complexity. By the month’s end you’ll be ready for your birthday season, having integrated all the seasons that have come before.

In Your Space: You’re living the life aquatic, Libra, and are fit to deck out your space in the stylings of a chic seafood restaurant. If this is too explicitly nautical for your refined sensibilities, start by exploring the creative tension between form and flow. Think indoor fountains or rocks in the bottom of the sink, and curvilinear furniture that both provide stability and remind you of shifty delights. The organic pacing of Art Nouveau is a prime place to begin.

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In the Stars: Mercurial energy is your bestie this month, Scorpio, as you practice skating on the surface of things exactly as they are. No mean feat for a chronically soul-centered deep diver, but can you balance your full-throttle living with some helicopter rides above it all? As the month’s earth energies activate your air-ruled chart zones, you can practice some psychic hygiene by attending to thoughts that don’t feel good to think. As Venus travels through your sign, these critical new perspectives will help you navigate the down and dirty reaches of transformative partnerships.

In Your Space: Futurama and circulation are you key design deities this month, Scorpio, and any place you can “lighten” up will serve your upgrades in consciousness. This doesn’t mean sweat-drenched deep cleans of forgotten basement corners. Instead, let it feel easier and breezier by starting with window dressings and creamy white palettes. These brighter shades and more minimalistic design approaches can be just as luscious as decadent dungeon accents. Think lucite and sheepskin.

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In the Stars: Self-sufficiency and personal potency are ruling your consciousness this month, and as earthy energies dance into your pragmatically powerful chart zones, you’re being invited to explore any area of your life where you can take up more space by taking control. This doesn’t mean agitating to steal the castle, or having to micromanage all your movements. Instead, this is simply about presence, Sag. Inherit your right to stand your ground by simply standing it.

In Your Space: Let it feel luxurious, Wild Pony, as you invite in regal accents that are both functional and fancy. Anything you’ve been coveting is yours this month, and you can make design purchases wisely and calmly without going on a bedecked bender. Start with a signature piece and let it build out from there. And favor home office upgrades that will streamline your routine and support your badassery from the inside out.

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In the Stars: With Mars and Saturn stationing direct in your sign this month, you’re exactly where you long to be Capricorn, sinking your teeth into challenges and constraints that can yield incredible sweetness. Let yourself fully surrender to this sense of step-by-step action and durational longevity, as you travel at exactly your preferred pace with no apologies. Virgo energy reminds you that mountains are composed of even the tiniest pebbles, so let yourself celebrate even the smallest triumphs as they serve the bigger picture you’re building towards.

In Your Space: Treat your space like a Japanese garden of careful magic, and strip it down to its most majestically sculptural aspects, Capricorn. The physical contours of surfaces and furniture pieces are where the energy lives for you right now, and you can bolster yourself for the long haul of emotional and professional development by cleaning off countertops and re-tiling floors. Let your space fully support you on a material plane, as you launch into acts of self-development from rock solid ground.

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In the Stars: With Virgo magic lighting up your zone of far flung journeys, you’re getting a philosophical upgrade this month, Aquarius, as you explore your relationship to risk taking and marry big dreams to small steps. Virgo energy carefully assesses the way forward, and tempers your long-range thinking with a little A to Z planning. This dose of earthy pragmatism doesn’t have to feel like holding your wild horses though. With Mars direct entering your sign, you have access to inspired, aligned action that both feels super tingly and takes its time to line it up and hit the mark.

In Your Space: Notice how the pieces of your space add up to the whole, and get curious about interior themes, either through colors or textures. Streamlining these themes by exporting a signature accent shade or fabric from room to room can help you gain a sense of design cohesiveness that will translate into exactly the kind of mature action you’re mastering this month. Create harmony in corridors and connecting spaces, and let all roads lead you seamlessly up stream.

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In the Stars: It’s a love-lit month for you, dear Pisces, as Virgo energy activates your zone of powerful partnerships, and Venus in Scorpio dances into your arena of high rolling adventure. Let it feel wild and free, but also fierce, as you notice the balance between putting out for partnerships and getting it back. Where are you not getting quite as good as you give? And where can you ask for more of what feels good in your physical body, without worrying that your requests are over-the-top? You deserve all the hearts and stars you can handle, Pisces. Let the love you send out boomerang back at you times a hundred.

In Your Space: Treat your space like a Valentine’s postcard from a distant land. Diaphanous fabrics, dreamy pastels, and magic carpet ride vibes complete with canopies and indoor tents. And welcome in richness of all shades with saturated grapey purples and golds. Don’t be afraid to spill over just a bit, as you let “clutter” become a gateway towards creative expansion. Streamline any sense of mess by creating little vignettes of like objects with common themes, and let your eye be dazzled by the complexity and fullness of the surfaces that surround you, reminding yourself that you’re worthy of every last treasure.

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In the Stars: You’re being cut and crafted by the physical world this month Aries, but don’t let it make you feel cut down. While earthy pragmatism isn’t your default, this month’s body-bound medicine reminds you of the liberation in some healthy limitation. With your ruler, Mars, stationing direct, you’ll feel the sweet release of any pent up aggression as the channels of action begin to flow again without you having to push towards or against them. This is about surrendering to the natural evolution of the world and its rhythms, dear Aries. Make like a tree, feel into whatever season of your life you’re currently experiencing, and shed or blossom accordingly.

In Your Space: Play with the sensation of repurposing the resources you’ve already got, firestarter. Make it a month of no new purchases and just see what you can shift and maneuver to make new spatial magic. Let this feel as easeful as possible. Rather than sweating it out by dragging the heaviest dresser to a different corner, simply move an object to a new surface, or rearrange some pillows. Refreshing and rejuvenating can be as straightforward as drawing a bath.

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In the Stars: After this year’s megawatt changemaking hits electrified by Uranus entering your sign, you’re shifting pace this month, Taurus, and feeling back into a steadier, comfier rhythm of evolution that is still showstopping nonetheless. Virgo energy powers up your zone of present moment pleasure, and you can take a break from endless transformations to relish the romance of right here, right now. Letting yourself feel pure and simple joy can be radical act of recommitment to the person you are, and are becoming.

In Your Space: There’s a sparkle and dazzle to this month’s spatiality, but it doesn’t have to feel fake or overdone. Think floral print pillows with juicy magenta blooms, or hanging fruit baskets spilling over with nutritive goodness. With the earthy Grand Trine activated in your element, it’s a prime month for plant cultivation. Dig your hands back into the dirt that reminds you of the slow rolling sumptuousness of nature, and play with indoor-outdoor accents that bring the great wilds into your living room.

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In the Stars: Both ruled by Mercury, you have a secret kinship with Virgo energy, and it provides an earthy counterpart to your head-in-the-clouds curiosity. How can you get more curious this month about all channels of information, not just those that arrive through words, Gemini? What are the micromovements of your body trying to tell you? What messages are tucked underneath a rock or inside a tree hollow? Or even simply in the fabric of a piece of clothing and the way it feels when you move inside of it? Treat the world like an elaborate scavenger hunt, Gemini, and look for synchronicities and whispers absolutely everywhere.

In Your Space: Find inspo in the stylings of tiny houses, and delight in the hidden signals inside of filing drawers, medicine cabinets, and under-the-bed compartments. You don’t have to agitate to organize, or get heady about systems. Just rejoice in the sense of tucking things into secret spaces, and then pulling them out to rediscover what’s inside. Curio cabinets, makeup drawers, side serving tables, and anything where objects can gather together and rejoice in their shared sense of aliveness.

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In the Stars: With a natural affinity between earth and water energy, this month provides you with a delicious sense of coming home, and celebrating a sense of possibility in the close-at-hand. There are new ways to see old information that are opening up to you, and you don’t have to travel far too get to them, or completely shift your consciousness. Instead, start by slowly renovating old storylines and just noticing what can be easily exfoliated. Anything that needs to leave your life right now is already out the door, Cancer. Kiss it goodbye without any need for drama.

In Your Space: Let closet cleanses and thrift store giveaway piles happen at their own, organic pace. You don’t have to block out an entire weekend or go wild digging into long-forgotten boxes to refresh your spatial sensibilities. Instead, just start by taking one purgeable object with you as you leave your house each day, and inviting a new one into its place only if it feels completely invigorating. Bring newly scented life to old corners with lemon and lavender scents, and let sachets and candles perform the simple, sacred work of cleansing without you having to break a sweat.

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In the Stars: After the over-the-top sparkle and shine of your native cosmic season, Virgo’s entry into the skies can sometimes feeling like a sobering wake-up call for you, glitter kitten. But don’t let “reality” bring you down. Instead, you can use this month to infuse your characteristic sense of high drama and romantic antics into your everyday. Set your movements to a soundtrack. Plan elaborate dinner party meals that are both fortifying and flamboyant. There is more magic in the mundane than you’ve been imagining, and you can access glow along with the grit if you commit to staying with whatever presents itself to you, exactly as it is.

In Your Space: Let the slow down feel sumptuous by creating a lair that feels like a private, backstage dressing room. Fill up your vanity tables and medicine cabinets with elaborate elixirs and signature scents. Purchase new spices you don’t even know the uses for yet, and then craft a feast around them. Sample rich, velvety fabrics that just feel good to the touch, and geodes and crystals that are both shimmery and solid. Allow these collisions between realism and rhinestoned regalness remind you that there is luxury and liberation in earthly matter.