Home Horoscope: Happy Birthday Leo, Here's What Your Home Has in Store This Year

Home Horoscope: Happy Birthday Leo, Here's What Your Home Has in Store This Year

Jennifer Hunter
Aug 3, 2015

Regal leos are warm, honest and love to be in love. So what do the stars say about your life at home in the coming year? Get your horoscope right here.

You're a fire sign, leo, but no need to take that too literally. You like warmth and brightness so you might be drawn to reds and yellows at home, but make sure to not overwhelm yourself. This year is all about balance for you so make sure to ground your decor with dark or cool colors to balance all that heat.

You know, we all know you like to be in charge, but this year is a good time to collaborate with someone else on creative choices. You're a powerful leader and you know how to draw people in and make them see your point of view, but yours is not the only option worth considering. You can see the big picture and love to make sweeping goals but the minutia of a project can make it or break it so make sure to listen and consider other people's opinions before you rush ahead with your own plan. Keep that in mind whether you're working with a partner to pick out some new furniture or organize the bathroom cupboard.

Speaking of relationships, you live for love and prioritize being in love over all else so don't let your confidence fall into alienating arrogance. Instead, try to shine some of your light on your partner and boost him or her up just as much. You may find that your relationship spirals into a whole new positive direction, providing you with the admiration and relationship security you crave.

You have great taste and love to splurge on luxury items for yourself and your friends and family. Make sure to remember that paying more for high quality is smart, but pick a timeless design so your investment will continue to pay off longterm.

Watch out for some trouble in the winter of this year. You'll experience a minor home-related disaster and to solve it, you'll need to wade through the boring details slowly and methodically, you can't get by on bravado here.

Have a great year.

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