Home is… A Morning Glory Outside My Window

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Photographer: Erika Packard
Title: A Morning Glory Outside My Window

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(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

This is a view out the window of my third-floor apartment, taken last fall, through the screen and dirty glass and all. The plant is a morning glory going to seed, which I grew in a clay pot on my air conditioner. I was so desperate for a place to grow something in my blacony-less apartment that I blatantly ignored my lease restrictions on heavy untethered objects placed three stories up above a sidewalk!

Luckily, no humans were injured in the experiment, though I went through quite a few plants and even more lightweight plastic pots ’til I found one that could withstand the wind.

And, when I took the pic, it was pouring rain. Not a very poetic description, but every time I look at the photo, I feel it sums up what it’s like for me to live in my home.

Oh, and it’s a straight shot–no digital manipulation.

Thanks for checking it out and also thanks for a terrific blog. It’s one I read obsessively, and it’s a place where I have learned so much.

Take care,

Erika Packard