Home is Where the Heart Is: What Makes a Home a "Home"

Home is Where the Heart Is: What Makes a Home a "Home"

With the passing of Easter and Mother's Day just around the corner, I've been thinking about how to transition my home into a real "home". I become so side-tracked with the decorative items in my home, I lose sight of the less tangible things that make a home feel loved. Here are some ideas on how to become the "home" in your heart.

I am lucky. My mother created a home that makes me cozy just thinking about it. I started making a mental list of the things that remind me of my childhood home...delicious home-cooked meals, records on the turntable and so forth. Here are some of my ideas on how to give your home that undeniable "home sweet home" feeling.

1. Family & Friends- The more the merrier they say and how true that statement is. There is nothing better then filling your home with the laughter of friends and family telling favorite stories or playing a good old fashioned game of charades. Even if you can't afford to host dinner parties every month, set a date and put a potluck into rotation with friends and family. For more affordable party inspiration, check out this previous post, "10 Cheap Summer Party Ideas."

2. Good Food- Who can forget the smell of a home cooked meal warming in the oven, or homemade chocolate chip cookies cooling on the counter. I am far from the world's best cook, but I've decided to sign up for a few cooking courses to help out in that arena. If you can't make a lengthy time commitment, some cullinary schools offer single free cooking classes and your local Williams Sonoma offers moderately priced cooking classes and free technique classes. Food is delicious part of creating a "home" and it's even better when it tastes good!

3. Music- I love the sound of a needle tracing the rhythms of a cool record. Alas, our record player is currently in storage, so I have to settle for my Itunes compilations. Even so, as soon as I put music on in my home, everything looks and feels better. Music is soothing for the mind, body and soul. Desperate for music inspiration? I've found some great new music on Pandora, by typing in the genre I'm currently in the mood for. Also, check out this fun Apartment Therapy post, "Make a Soundtrack for Your Home."

I know I am merely scratching the surface on this subject and since I have just given up "playing house", let me ask you, how do you put "heart" into your home?

Image: J.M. Barclay Original Fine Art via Etsy

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