Home Is Where You Sit...At Last

Home Is Where You Sit...At Last

Tess Wilson
Jun 25, 2014
(Image credit: Tess Wilson)

Towards the end of a long day of work, my renovating mojo and motivation abandoned me and I slid to the floor and read for awhile. It then occurred to me that despite having worked on our house-to-be for 20-40hours/week for the past few months, I've never actually sat down in the place...

Suddenly, it started to feel like this might someday be home. Up to that point, it was simply a job site: I showed up, worked, took lunch breaks at the other employees' (finished) houses, made a mess, cleaned up the mess, and left. Sure, it was a highly personal job site that I'd painted with very carefully picked-out paint colors, but it all felt so theoretical. Someday I'd sleep here, someday I'd bake here, someday I'd have loved ones visit... but who knew when that might be? The only tangible, real-feeling thing was the work to be done now.

And then I sat on the floor for 20 minutes, alternating between spacing out and reading The Toast on my phone, and the living aspect of the house started to feel more real. Someday, this will be a place to relax! I will return here after a long day at work and head straight to the shower. I will lie on the floor after an especially ambitious swim, hoping that someone puts a plate of dinner by my head. I will stretch out in the sunny spot on the floor like a cat, just like I'm doing today but with less paint splattered on my person. I will read books from cover-to-cover in the sunroom during thunderstorms, and I will fall asleep on the couch reading Go Fug Yourself and eating wasabi peas and drinking wine. I will actually live here.

Was there a moment when your new home or home-to-be suddenly felt like... home?

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