Home Maintenance Projects that Are Easier to Get Done in Winter

Home Maintenance Projects that Are Easier to Get Done in Winter

Taryn Williford
Jan 30, 2016
(Image credit: VG Stock Studio/Shutterstock)

Winter ruins a lot of plans. You can barely leave the house! Or you don't really want to, at least. Sitting under a blanket on the sofa sounds like a much better idea right now, thanks. At some point, though, you should really get up and get going on some tasks around the house. These three things, specifically. The cold winter weather actually makes doing these home projects easier.

Cleaning Out the Fridge & Freezer

If you live in a climate where the current temperature outdoors is close to the current temperature inside your refrigerator (around 40°F/4°C), the winter months give you an opportunity to stash all of your fridge food outside without venturing into the food safety danger zone. You can get away with nesting your frozen foods inside a snowbank, too. Clear everything out, then give your empty refrigerator a really deep clean.

Removing Wasp Nests

Wasps are dormant in the winter, so removing their nests from your patio or roof should be an easier task than if you tackled it in, say, June. At dusk, spray the nest with a wasp spray just to be sure, then knock it down.

Painting Indoors

Painting during the winter months has pros and cons. Pros: Cold, dry air makes wood shrink, revealing gaps and cracks in your molding that you can correct before you paint. Also, less humidity in the air means your paint will dry faster. On the other hand, cold weather makes it harder to properly ventilate a room; you'll want to layer up, open up several windows and maybe crank up a portable heater.

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