14 of the Smartest Work-From-Home Solutions We Saw This Year

updated Dec 8, 2022
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Credit: Andrew Bui

Now that we’ve successfully normalized working from home whenever life demands it, the home office has been elevated to one of the most important spaces in our abodes. No matter how micro your space might be, you’ve simply got to carve out a space to hash out your 9 to 5 from home. And trust us – you guys have figured out how to do it in style! 

 Our small-space dwellers have turned closets into miniature home offices, squeezed home offices in their living rooms and their bedrooms, installed fold-down work surfaces, DIYed desks, designed custom solutions, and worked with what they already had to create highly efficient work zones… that also looked great, too. 

So whether or not you foresee yourself working from home more in the future or not, the ideas in this roundup will inspire you to take stock of your own at-home work and craft spaces. 

1. Spare Space for the Win

This UK homeowner knew just what to do with the space she and her husband call their “spare room”: she made it into a perfectly functional home office space. The neatly designed space is just large enough for a desktop, a slim filing cabinet and a few shelves, but it’s more than enough to get the job done. 

2. Small By Choice

Maybe you don’t have a small home, but you’re only interested in carving out a small space for your home work area, like we see in this Charleston, South Carolina home. Here, a tiny desk and an ornate chair pair perfectly to create a tiny office right in the middle of the home’s elegant living room. 

3. Scandi Minimalist Workspace

To really achieve that sought-after Scandi-minimalist look, you’ve got to pare back. Way back. That’s what we see in this Nordic home: an office space with room for only the essentials. It features a small desktop, a pull-out keyboard drawer, and a few shelves. This look works for small spaces because it forces you to only keep what you really need, cutting down on ubiquitous office clutter.

Credit: Emily Forgione

4. A Sleek Fold-Down Desk

Emily Forgione lives in this teeny 235-square-foot Brooklyn studio apartment, and like many other pre-quarantine New Yorkers, her small home was just a place to sleep and recharge between outings exploring the city. “Suddenly having to work and spend all my time here pushed me to do a complete overhaul of my space, to make it as comfortable, bright, spacious, and pleasant to spend time in as possible!” wrote Emily. She added a wall-mounted folding desk and chair to save her from having to sit on the couch as a workspace.

Credit: Caitlin Tateishi

5. Go From Work to Weekend

Caitlin Tateishi rents this 300-square-foot studio apartment in NYC’s East Village, and she put thought into how this super small space would work for her life throughout the week. “I have definitely worked and planned a lot to make my small space super functional. The convertible side table in the entrance folds out into a full dining table for dinner parties. During the work week, while we’ve all been working from home, I set up a corner office with a great minimal fold-down desk. This comes down every Friday so the space feels like it’s ‘weekend ready’ again,” wrote Caitlin.

Credit: Andrew Bui

6. A Closet Mini Office

Kim White’s studio apartment is FULL of genius small-space maximizing ideas, and she has invested money and energy on many projects to make the space more efficient and comfortable. One of my favorite spots is the itsy-bitsy “office” she squeezed into a former closet. There’s a tiny workspace with just enough room for a laptop, there are storage shelves above and below the desk, and even the folding desk chair is the perfect addition to the space.

Credit: Andrew Bui

7. Work With What You’ve Got

Esi Agbemenu and her dog, Turkey, call this small studio space home, and Esi has done an amazing job adding lots of color and style to it. I found her “office” zone to be quite inspiring because it doesn’t look like it takes up all that much space while offering up ample work area. When your entire home is just one room, you can’t have half the space be your office! The desk from Overstock is white and blends in with the surrounding wall, helping it blend into its surroundings. Esi also uses the window ledges as extra office storage, but wisely corrals much of the supplies in baskets and trays, keeping it looking uncluttered and organized.

Credit: Anne Louise Marquis

8. A Custom Desk and Media Center

Anne Louise Marquis just has 600 square feet in the small Brooklyn condo she owns, but came up with a very clever design solution for her living room/home office. “My boyfriend spent a weekend building my custom bookcase/desk suite that I designed on a piece of paper,” wrote Anne Louise. It’s a good reminder that you can craft a custom work-from-home space that won’t make you look like you live in an office suite.

Credit: Andrew Bui

9. A Functional and Beautiful Nook

Emily Edelman’s 525-square-foot Brooklyn studio also has a great example of turning a closet into a workspace. “My biggest spend was on the stack of flat file drawers in the office nook that used to be a closet. You can store a surprising amount in drawers that are only 1.5″ high, including tools, jewelry, scarves, hats, memories in the form of papers and trinkets, and shells!” wrote Emily.  

10. A Wall-Mounted Work-From-Home Solution

Oyin Antwi, and husband Jeffery Antwi share just 550 square feet, and both of them are busy entrepreneurs. They came up with a solution for them to both work from home thanks in part to this sleek walnut ladder desk from CB2 that offers a surface for working without taking up a lot of floor space. The green saddle task office chair from Wayfair rolls under the desk snugly, making the entire office area compact and unimposing.

Credit: Erin Derby

11. An Office Area That Blends Right In

I love the workspace in Ryan Ervin Cox’s 650-square-foot apartment because it’s hiding in plain sight. An antique table fits in with the style of the rest of the apartment, and the whole area is surrounded by lots of decorative elements that take attention away from the computer screens. But the computer monitors also cleverly feature an art-themed screen saver—an easy trick for making a home-office area look a little less “home office-y.”


12. Take Advantage of Weird Spots

Mariana Guimaraese’s studio apartment isn’t just small at 300 square feet, it’s also a weird shape with an awkward layout. “I had a lot of time to plan the layout, which was quite a challenge because it’s such a small footprint and I had a lot of stuff, but I work in interior design so I used the tools and knowledge I have to make the best of such a small space. I’m getting good at planning small spaces (this is my second studio) and my attitude is to do the best with what we have. The landlady is a friend of my friend and they both said they had tried everything in the flat before and no one had ever come up with a solution as clever as this… and I was really proud of the result, too,” wrote Mariana. The layout includes this little home office she squeezed in between a large cabinet and the bed.

13. A Cute Mini Corner Office

Natasha Satisfield lives in just 400 square feet, but it’s a very organized studio! And while she doesn’t officially have any “rooms,” after a makeover she does have a place to work. “I love that I now have a corner ‘office’ where I can sit down and work, pay bills, or just journal. I love that even though it’s a studio apartment, I can still have a dedicated workspace,” wrote Natasha.

Credit: Amrit Pal

14.  A Nothing-New Workspace

Fold-down and wall-mounted desks are great for creating a home office in a small space, but you definitely don’t have to spend a lot of money or even buy anything new to create a space to work from home. “The books used to be lined up from one end of the bench to the other, with all of the plants on top. But when we started working from home in March this year, I tried to think of how to create a workspace without needing to buy a new piece of furniture, and voila: the bench desk was born,” Gabi Horowitz explains about the solution in her 550-square-foot San Francisco apartment.