Home Projects: When God Gives Us Lemons...

Home Projects: When God Gives Us Lemons...

Oct 26, 2005

We were furious. If there is one thing good about this long lasting, dreary LA weather, it's that we get to pull out our beautiful clothes that we never get to wear; Sweaters and jackets and shoes usually reserved for east coast ventures.

We've learned the hard way that weather aside, you don't dress up in LA because it's not about working with what you've got, it's about showing what your mama gave you (and your personal trainer, and Dr. 90210). Tee-shirts and flip-flops are cute, but they ain't fashion.

We have our good stuff neatly packed away with Brooks Brothers cedar blocks to keep everything fresh and tidy, so when we pulled on the charcoal grey cashmere turtleneck yesterday (an east coast staple, for sure) we went mad to see it riddled with moth holes. A whiff of the cedar blocks convinced us that skipping our yearly sanding (to release whatever kills those bastards) cost us plenty. Damn LA and its constant sunny days. Damn its ability to make us forget about seasons and their assigned chores.

Like a bratty child we tossed the sweater into the bin, but today had a bright idea to stretch the cashmere over our wood chair's seat cover (which, to be honest was looking tired in its ironic yet elegant faux sable fun fur). We haven't cut the sweater to fit, just in case we change our mind, but for now, we are happy to look at our luxurious cashmere covered chair. Now that's taking lemons and making lemonade!

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