Home Quirks I've Learned To Live With

Home Quirks I've Learned To Live With

Abby Stone
Dec 11, 2009

In the movie "It's A Wonderful Life," when George Bailey (Jimmy Stewart) comes home after his strange experience with Clarence, he encounters the broken finial at the bottom of the staircase in his home. It's always annoyed him but this time it makes him ecstatic. It make be quirky but it's home.

In the morning, preparing to take a shower, I turn on the hot water tap in my bathroom sink in order to propel the hot water from the heater in the back of the building to my apartment in the front of the building. I do this every time I take a shower so it's become second nature to me but I realized, when I've left my home for the out-of-town guests to use, that's it's one of the many odd things that I live with every day (and I'd better put it on my "home instruction" sheet.

At my mother's (and apparently at Rebecca's parents too!) turning on the television becomes a matter of juggling three remotes: one to turn the tv on, one to turn the cable on and change the channel and a third to handle the volume.

What about your home? Does it have some odd things? Do they annoy you or is it part of your home's charm?

[image: Dan's Art-Filled Animal House]

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