Home Repairs During Gloomy Weather

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Humdrum glum wet weather like today always takes the winds out of our sails when it comes to work (work meaning sitting behind the computer). We’ll fess up and say we’d like nothing better than to just step away from the computer today and keep it off…something about LA in a Gotham gray doesn’t sit right with us and seems to affect our focus. But on the flip-side, we’ve always found that rainy weather almost always makes us want to do home improvement projects around the apartment. Rooms get painted, hardware gets replaced, DIY projects get tackled, maybe even some emergency repairs…all probably because we feel like we can’t do much outside, so why not get some manual work done indoors. How about yourselves? And more importantly, why don’t repair men come to our aid on bungalow adorned motorcycles anymore?

[1931 image via Modern Mechanix]