We Gave a Professional Home Stager $40 — Here’s What She Bought at Michaels

published Oct 2, 2021
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Four post bed and dresser in a beautiful white rustic modern design farmhouse tiny house bedroom with a white linen sofa and cactus on dresser.
Credit: Trinette Reed | Stocksy

Sure, it’s easy to spruce up your home when you’ve got an unlimited budget. But that’s not a reality for most people. Instead, they have to be a little craftier. So there’s no better place to head than Michaels, the arts-and-crafts empire that’s stocked with so much more than knitting needles and fabric flowers. 

We gave Abbey Ojemann, the design coordinator for JessFinessed, a home staging and interior design company in Greater Boston, $40 to head to Michael’s and report back with the items she would choose to stage a home. Since a major part of Abbey’s role is to source furniture and accent pieces for staging installs, we knew she’d have some interesting picks. Her total originally came to $45.33, but with the 20 percent off coupon always available in the Michael’s app, Ojemann managed to get her total down to $36.27.

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“We love incorporating textiles that bring a natural element into the space. From jute rugs to woven throw blankets, these accents add warmth and balance when paired with modern furniture. This pick is especially versatile; a neutral-colored throw blanket can be used in any space."

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“Candles have always been a go-to styling piece and this year the focus has been on taper candles. Stylists have been incorporating taper candles, a more traditional decor item, into modern designs for a classic, elegant look."

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Ojemann recommends pairing taper candles with budget-friendly holders. "Higher-end home retailers are asking a lot for taper candles and holders, but do not forget that art suppliers have always carried these and at a much lower price!”

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was $5.39

“Decorative storage baskets are one of the most important items to always have on hand when we are staging and styling homes. Storage and organization is crucial to every homebuyer, so it is important we make storage solutions not only functional but look great. One of my favorite ways to use a basket is to fill it with rolled up white towels in a bathroom for a spa-like styling moment.”

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“We buy wall frames and print out art at home. We will either create a piece ourselves or purchase printable art and switch out what is framed whenever necessary. This is an affordable way to curate for each job, and even keeps storage costs down.”

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“Another way to style a space with organic accents is by using greenery. Plants, or faux plants, freshen up an environment while adding color and life to a room. The only problem? Faux plants can be really expensive! Faux branches and a simple glass vase are not only more affordable, but also has a simple and elegant look that we love to use in higher-end homes.”

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This 6-inch bud vase is the perfect vessel to complement (and hold) fake greenery, according to Ojemann.