15 of the Best & Funniest Home Decor Style Descriptions We’ve Ever Seen

published May 1, 2017
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(Image credit: Esteban Cortez)

How would you describe your home’s style? Would you use common design styles like “mid-century modern” or “bohemian” to explain your home’s look? Or would you use adjectives to define your decor taste? However you label your home’s style, chances are it’s not the way these homes have been uniquely described. Take a look—and chuckle while reading—15 of the most unusual home descriptions we’ve ever seen to celebrate the extraordinary unusual ways different people have described their style.

I love reading what the friends of these house tour participants have to say about these singular spaces. “Dreamy.” “Wow!” or “That’s a lot of Jesus.” But a lot of the times, friends remark about how the homes really seem to reflect the person living in it. Though all the homes in this post have remarkably different “looks,” they all have the same thing in common — they aren’t afraid to get “weird” or “unusual.” They are willing to throw together all the elements they love about design, color and life — whether they’re “supposed” to go together or not. It’s almost as if the people who are great at coming up with imaginative style descriptions are the ones who don’t try to design their home to fit a specific style.

Bridget Schwartz is inspired by designers of the past who didn’t insist on defining style. “You could mix Victorian, space age, folk art — anything really — to great effect. I would hope that my home is a reflection of the best parts of me: exuberant, elegant and slightly eccentric. I love vibrant color, inviting furniture and some whimsy thrown in,” she wrote.

As you scroll through the photos of the homes below, “flip” the cards to read the bold descriptions. To see more of the homes and their styles, click the link under each image. And of course, be sure to share how you describe the style of your home in the comments below. Don’t be afraid to take word inspiration from the imaginative descriptions below!