14 Tweets About HomeGoods That Sum Up Every Emotional Shopping Journey

published Feb 4, 2020
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Whether you’re a tried-and-true bargain hunter or you just likes to wander the aisles, a trip to HomeGoods can be quite therapeutic. The boatloads of plush throw pillows, the stacks of discounted chips, rows and rows of scented candles—it just exudes that coziness we’re all seeking in this crazy world. Here are some funny tweets for people who live to shop at HomeGoods:

When you need your private time to browse the aisles:

When you want your biceps to be strong enough to hold all that Pumpkin Spice:

When you’ve been at work all day and you need a little pick me up:

Because you’re a coupon clipper for life:

When you need to get your life in control and know that means shopping the organization and cleaning aisles:

Because things are getting rowdy in the decorative plant aisle:

Because you could totally host a HomeGoods edition of MTV’s “Pimp My Ride”:

When HomeGoods truly understands your vibe:

When sniffing around in the candle aisle is like a game of Russian roulette:

Because self control really isn’t your strong suit:

When you get up the register and see the total and want to crawl into a hole:

When you know a good gift when you see one:

Because your you have exquisite taste in hobbies:

When you hit the checkout line but the snacks are watching you: