These Golden Girls Portraits Have Fans Running to HomeGoods

published May 25, 2023
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Credit: NBC/Buena Vista Television

The girls are making a comeback as paintings. TikTok user @ellasellscolorado has fans of The Golden Girls scrambling to HomeGoods after she revealed that the home furnishing company is selling paintings featuring Blanche, Sophia, Rose, and Dorothy.

“Friends, if you see these in your local HomeGoods … BUY THEM! Treat yourself!” said the content creator in a clip she posted. In the video, you see the four artworks fitting the entire wall of her room, with the portraits depicting the characters dressed in Gucci attire. For the background, colorful floral patterns make the images even more eye-catching.

According to her, the works of art — nay, masterpieces — are all in her home office and are serving as the perfect backdrop for her virtual meetings. 

“You’ve struck gold(en), girl,” commented HomeGoods’ TikTok account.

She also added that each painting costs $79.99, which is quite expensive, but that hasn’t stopped everyone from running to their nearest HomeGoods to secure a set. Many are already frustrated that they couldn’t find the collection in their location.

“Seriously! I’ve looked at all my HomeGoods and nothing,” reads a comment. 

“Crying in Tennessee cause I can’t find them.”

“How does it feel being God’s favorite?” another added.

Here’s more good news. You can actually buy the artworks for less. The artist behind the series, Heather Perry, has a website and Etsy shop where you can purchase a 6×8-inch portrait for $9, with bigger versions costing up to $50. Take note that the prints don’t come framed, and that the designs on the site don’t have the actresses in sunglasses, unlike the ones at the stores.

BRB. Just heading to HomeGoods (or the artist’s website) to strike gold.