HomeGoods: LA Bargain Shopping

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’re no different from anyone else–we love ourselves a bargain. We peruse the home section of Ross, obviously do a lot of sleuthing at Target and when we make it further south we always stop in at HomeGoods. We hit up the bedding section first

since they normally have a great selection of duvet covers, plain white sheets and memory foam toppers. Then it’s towels, throw pillows, mirrors and kitchen stuff. We haven’t used HomeGoods for furniture or rugs yet, but what we love about it is that even though the store isn’t anywhere near as modern as we would normally describe our taste, if we go in with an open mind we almost always come out with something unexpected that we love.

Do you guys do Homegoods? Would you recommend any one store over another? I’ve mainly hit up the Seal Beach branch but I know they’re all over. Ever bought a rug or a piece of furniture? Do you use it to stock up on basics? They have a whole ‘decorative’ section that can often seem too ornate but there have definitely been vases that have caught my eye. You?