HomeLogic Mobile Control: Home Automation, iPhone Style

HomeLogic Mobile Control: Home Automation, iPhone Style

Anthony Nguyen
Jun 22, 2009

So you've spent your weekend killing some time in line and spending that hard earned mula on a new iPhone 3GS. We're guessing you're probably curious to what other unbelievably cool task you can accomplish with the little guy.

Well, here's a thought - how about giving home automation a try? Say for instance, you forgot if you turned off the lights in your living room when you've taken off to Dubai for the weekend. With HomeLogic Mobile Control, you view your room in real time to check and turn them off remote via your iPhone app. You can do that, check on your security system, climate temps, and much more...

HomeLogic Mobile Control provides a powerful and complete entertainment and home control interface to your iPhone or iPod touch accessing your Home's Systems locally and remotely via the Internet.

If you're curious to how it all works, we suggest downloading the HomeLogic Mobile Control App and play around with their "Live" site where you can control lighting, pan/tilt/zoom a live camera and other control systems in their demo home.

HomeLogic provides sophisticated control solutions for your home theater, whole-house audio, security, climate, lighting, video cameras, irrigation, pool/spa and more. With a simple IU, intuitive navigation, and a powerful wealth of features, you can essentially turn your iPod Touch or iPhone into a networked remote for almost every customizable aspect of your home.

Just don't try to squint too hard at the estimates. You'll be looking at $3,000 and $7,000 (excluding labor), to have the ability to peek remotely into your home while you're away. A hefty price tag when an angry security swan (a DIY project done by our weekly contributor Peter) could probably do the same for about a fraction of the price. Still, we love the concept to death - just not so much the price.

(Via Electronic House)

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