Homemade Baby

Homemade Baby

Janie Lee
Aug 2, 2007
When you can't feed them homemade baby food, feed them Homemade Baby. Homemade Baby offers freshly made organic and kosher food for baby that is fresh (refrigerated), not frozen.

Although we love to make food for baby at home, we don't always have the time. We often include prepared foods in his repertoire - jarred or frozen - when time is tight.

So when Theresa Kiene, owner of Homemade Baby, wrote to us about her products, we agreed to give them a try. We tried flavors in all three categories: So Smooth, Good Mushy, and Kinda Chunky. The food did look better (consistency and color) than most of the organic jarred foods we eat.

Our baby is a huge fan of Squapples (squash and apples) and Piwi (pears and kiwi). We thought Tex Mex, a new recipe that consists of corn, kidney beans, peas, carrots and brown rice, sounded delicious too but that one wasn't as popular with the little guy.

Besides being good tasting and healthy, Homemade Baby foods are convenient. Containers can stay fresh for upto 4 hours without being refrigerated - perfect for errands and outings. And it stays fresh in your refrigerator for 30 days.

We also like the packaging. We re-wash the lidded plastic containers and use them to hold our own homemade food or snacks like blueberries or dry cereal.

On the downside, we aren't able to buy Homemade Baby in our area just yet. We hear it will be available at Whole Foods and Target soon, among others, but we haven't seen it. We definitely will stock up on our favorite flavors once we do.

Have you tried Homemade Baby or other non-jarred prepared baby foods? Share your experiences and recommendations with us!

(Thanks, Theresa!)

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