Handcrafted Holiday Greetings: Five Easy DIY Cards

In certain circles (you know who you are), holiday cards can become something of a competition. Whose “baby in Santa hat” photo is the cutest? Who mastered calligraphy this year and hand-lettered 75 cards? Whose card explodes with a snowfall of glitter? It’s exhausting…

With so much going on this month, you certainly don’t need to spend a lot of time or money to have great holiday cards. These simple DIYs look super impressive but need very limited supplies and only a few hours. Plus, since you’re starting with blank notecards, they’re endlessly customizable.

So, pour some hot chocolate, relax and get creative.

1. Everyone likes a pop-up! Folded paper creates a 3-D surprise. Via Martha Stewart.

2. A cozy argyle pattern makes a great neutral card, perfect for any religion. Via Design Sponge.

3. We have a while until Valentine’s Day but this charming concept will work with any holiday. Bells! Stars! If you can draw it in glue, you’re in business. Perfect for kids, too. Via Heart of Light.

4. Although these were meant as place cards, they would be lovely on a notecard as well. Sewing on paper is easy and beautiful and you can customize your color combinations to make a variety of holiday cards. Via Design Sponge.

5. So simple! A hole punch and string make a stunning, graphic statement. Via Bleach Black.

Images: As Credited Above