Homemade Tool Storage Find

Home Hacks and tools just go hand in hand, there’s no two ways about it. Over the years we’ve talked a great deal about where we keep our tools. For some it’s in the garage, others it’s a tool box tucked away, and in this case — a simple shoe box can do wonders!

Over in our Apartment Therapy Home Cure Flickr Pool (yes, we’re still keeping an eye on everyone!) we ran across this simple tool solution from Flickr member ivystyle33. She found a sturdy designer shoe box outside a store in Athens and took it home and put it to use.

She covered the box, gave it a label and some cute-as-can-be handles and she’s all set for storage. Even though this might not be enough space for those looking to take on larger DIY projects, a large shoe box is just the right size to hold many small handheld pieces.

Where do you keep your tools? A drawer in your kitchen? Up high in your closet? Let us know in the comments below!