Homesick’s Harry Potter Candle Collection Will Fill Your Home with the Scent of Your Hogwarts House

published Oct 12, 2022
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Homesick Harry Potter Candle Collection
Credit: Homesick

Once the weather cools down and October rolls around, there’s one particular fall tradition I love to partake in year after year: a Harry Potter rewatch marathon — and by the looks of it, I’m not the only one. Homesick, makers of some of the best nostalgia-inducing candles on the market today, is here to help you take a trip down memory lane by transporting you to the halls of Hogwarts with a new collection inspired by the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. This exclusive collection features five new candles: four inspired by each Hogwarts House (named Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Slytherin, and Ravenclaw, respectively) and a massive Hogwarts three-wick candle for those who’ve yet to have an encounter with the Sorting Hat (which also makes an appearance in the form an air freshener so you can enjoy some scent magic on the go). Keep reading to shop each of the newly released candles and to learn a little bit more about each scent. One thing’s for sure: this collection will be on every witch, wizard, and Muggle’s wish list this holiday season

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Channel the bravery of your inner Gryffindor with this firey candle, featuring notes of lemon zest, nutmeg, fireplace, cinnamon, cedarwood, sandalwood, amber, and vanilla.

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Hufflepuff is home to the most loyal and dedicated among us, making this blend of green apple, jasmine, chamomile, fern, honey, dandelion, patchouli, burnt sugar, and hazelnut feel all the more inviting.

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Tucked in the Dungeons, next to the Black Lake, lives the house of Slytherin, a group of students whose ambitions are top of class. Light this cunning mix of lake water, clove, stonewalls, tapestry, vetiver, plum, oakmoss, oud, and suede for an air of intrigue and mystery.

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Bringing to mind a night of studying by moonlight, this candle features a blend of sage, parchment, cool air, velvet, mind, white must, vanilla, santal, and opium for an aroma that's the definition of cozy.

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Transforming your home into Hogwarts castle at the flick of a match, this blend of wet stone, morning dew, cool air, cypress leaves, vetiver, antique tapestry, fir needles, sea moss, and oud is a must for any Potterhead.

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Keep the good scents coming, no matter where your adventures take you with this Sorting Hat air freshener, laced with a captivating blend of juniper, sage, lavender, orange, leather, velvet, sandalwood, cedar, and musk.