Honeywell's True Connected Home Device

Honeywell's True Connected Home Device

Amber Bouman
May 2, 2012

Imagine this: You wake up in the morning, get ready for work, and as you're grabbing your keys and jacket, you scan the weather and traffic forecast on the screen of your connected home device. You punch in your security code and arm your house alarm; automatically the blinds close, the temperature lowers and all the lights turn off.

When you get in to work, you punch in another security code into a color touchscreen device and the lights come on, the heat goes on and the interior locks unlock themselves. The device holds a voice mail message from your boss and an alert that someone attempted to access the back door at 6am - a quick check of the captured video shows it was just raccoons nosing around.

You settle in and check video on your house that shows your new puppy sleeping soundly, and you turn on a light for him. At the end of the day, you grab your smartphone and tell your connected home device to turn on the porch and hallway lights, turn on the heat, and unlock the door from the garage to the kitchen, so when you return you can walk right in with your groceries.

While this sounds like a device straight out of Bill Gates' house, it's actually a great deal more accessible than that - Honeywell has announced two connected home devices which bridge the gap between home automation and security system with a high-resolution 7-inch color touchscreen device that syncs with tablets, smartphones, Internet TVs and a web browser.

The LYNX 5100 and Tuxedo Touch will both come to market sometime this year and be distributed by security dealers; both systems feature the touchscreen, which is easily navigated by tapping choices and can control the security system as well as work with Z-Wave technology to control the thermostat, the locks, the shades, the ceiling fans, the lights and (in the case of the Tuxedo Touch) four IP video cameras. It can also display weather, traffic and news, hold voice mail messages for family members or employees, and act as a digital photo frame.

The touchscreen works in conjunction with the Total Connect service which allows you to view video from the security systems from your smartphone, tablet or PC, as well as change temperatures or adjust lighting. It can also give you alerts if doors are left open, or opened, if specific items are moved, or if the temperature changes in a room (in the case of a broken thermostat, a leak, or an appliance left on).

Such an integrated and intuitive device makes it easy to keep an eye on your pets, your kids, your employees, or workers who enter your home, as well as keeping a tight eye on security, and energy efficiency. With a straightforward menu, an an ability to be controlled from a multitude of devices, and a comprehensive coverage of home security and automation, the LYNX and Tuxedo systems are rethinking the possibilities of what can be done with a simple touchscreen.

(Images courtesy Honeywell)

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