Hopefully My Child Doesn't Want To Collect…

Hopefully My Child Doesn't Want To Collect…

Sarah Rae Smith
Sep 12, 2011

My brother was a true boy in spirit. Everything he did was rough and tumble, dirty and gross. Sweet kid, but he spent far too much time perfecting puking sounds and police car siren noises. It was no surprise that out of all my friends (and their siblings) he kept the grossest collection ever — a wall full of dead spiders staring at you is cool right?

My mother tried for years to get him to thin his collection down, to simplify it for lack of better words. He just wouldn't budge. Every spider he found he would race to find a jar in which to contain it. He'd feed it for awhile, but like most small creatures in jars, they eventually die. Although it's probably more disturbing that he was a serial spider killer, I was never able to get past the wall of weird when you walked into his room.

There sat jar upon jar of dead spiders staring at you. Now you'd think that they'd all be small spiders because he was a small boy, but that's not the case. My parents lived on a wooded creek and there were some that were as large as your hand is today. Totally, totally creepy.

Is there anything you hope your child doesn't want to collect? Are you anti-insect? Are you against a rock collection that will surely bring dust and occupy all of that precious under bed storage space? Share your nightmare collection in the comments.

(Image: Flickr member vintage dept licensed for use by Creative Commons)

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