WhiteyBoards: The Affordable, Removable Dry Erase Board

WhiteyBoards: The Affordable, Removable Dry Erase Board

Tiffany Finley
Feb 1, 2011

Portable and erasable writing surfaces are nothing new; just think back to when children brought their own miniature chalkboards to school. But the WhiteyBoard idea still is interesting. It's a re-stickable dry erase board that can be cut to fit any nook or cranny you have in mind.

Essentially, a WhiteyBoard is a clear transferrable sticker, like contact paper. It re-sticks to any surface (preferably flat) around 5 times before it starts to lose some of its juice. A ready-to-use WhiteyBoard installs in 5 minutes on a flat and smooth surface (watch people install their first WhiteyBoards and listen to their feedback on WhiteyBoard's website). Scissors or exacto knives quickly transform the rectangular sheets into shapes, making them easier to squeeze into awkward office spaces. They are supposed to last for 5 years, and cost between $10 - $35 per sheet based on size. Not bad for a quick solution!

Now, we know that IdeaPaint makes a great dry erase board paint, and with its GREENGUARD certification, it's considered a sound green product. But at nearly $200 for 50 sq ft of paint, it's hard to justify the cost for small offices, temporary spaces, or small budgets. The information on WhiteyBoard's materials and its true eco-friendliness is a bit sparse compared to IdeaPaint, but the obvious advantage is in the ability to quickly and cheaply transform surfaces into writable thinkpads.

Do you think that WhiteyBoards are eco enough to fit into your home, office, classroom, or study hall?

(Image: WhiteyBoard)

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