P&P Office Waste Paper Processor Turns Paper into Pencils

P&P Office Waste Paper Processor Turns Paper into Pencils

Tiffany Finley
Dec 15, 2010

The P&P Office Waste Paper Professor turns paper into pencils when you add the lead, glue, and power. It also includes a pencil sharpener on the side. Designed by Chinese natives Chengzhu Ruan, Yuanyuan Liu, Xinwei Yuan and Chao Chen, this innovation has gained a lot of intrigue. What do you think?

So the question is:

Is this idea pure genius or an energy hog?

On the one side, you'd be able to reduce the amount of paper being either thrown out or recycled into a lesser grade paper. Realistically, the majority of offices haven't gone completely paperless and there are still some transactions and contracts that must exist in paper form, so there is plenty of paper to go around. The inventors specifically recommend paper that has been put to poor use, like pages with little print on them or non-confidential memos. Although paper recycling happens in masse across the US, there are still some counties and office places that do not offer recycling. So this invention could be a great conversation starter!

On the other side of the equation, this machine requires mined materials and electricity along with glue to make it tick. The details are sparse, so we don't know if the materials used to create the machine are ethically sourced, or how much energy the machine requires to run. If we are diligent in our workplaces and use smart strips and unplug our appliances to avoid energy drains, then it wouldn't make sense to blow a lot of energy on this device.

Before you make your final call, know that this device won a Lite-On Award, which is part of China's green revolution. So what do you think?

(Images: Yanko Designs)

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