Stickers On Your Laptop?

Stickers On Your Laptop?

Range Govindan
Apr 21, 2009

A lot of people try to customize their laptops in different ways. The reason is that they want to make their products unique. Sometimes this is well done and other times, it's a bit of an eyesore. The resulting laptop will always be very visible and particular. But this made us wonder: are stickers hot or not?

Are you the type of person that has stickers on your laptop? Have you covered your lid completely with stickers? Or are you the type that has to keep your laptop like new, the same way it came out of the box? In between these two extremes, there is naturally a middle ground. There are also all these other options that are available, from laser engraving to laser etchings.

It's safe to say that stickers remain the cheapest option, if not always the prettiest. Personally, I've never used stickers on my laptops, but then again, I see a lot of people at the university with stickers on their laptops. From time to time, I'll see one person who has completely covered their laptop. Transforming your PC into a Mac thanks to a sticker isn't hot, that's a definite. Either you have a Mac or you don't. One way or the other, if you are looking for a really easy way to customize your laptop, and you aren't afraid of covering it with stickers, you should go ahead and stick away. [sticker MacBook photos by fpeault]

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