Hotel Lust: La Banane in St. Barts

As if vacationing in St. Barts isn’t consolation enough, the newly remodeled La Banane Hotel will take your experience to a new level. Nestled in a coconut grove, the nine bungalows are furnished with vintage furniture built by Pierre Jeanneret (cousin of Le Corbusier) back in the fifties. In the words of Liz Lemon, I want to go to there.

When they say “nestled” in a coconut grove, they mean it. La Banane has a confidential address only revealed to the 20 or so guests that will be sharing your stay. The bungalows, bathed in bright white with pops of color paired with the rich wood of the furniture collection, are named after some of the preeminent designers of the fifties &mdash Serge (Mouille), Jean (Prouvé) and Pierre (Jeanneret).

To see more images for some design inspiration or to book a stay (you lucky dog!), visit La Banane.

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