This Hotel Room Can Change Your Mood With The Power Of Color

published Nov 1, 2018
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A color has the power to determine your mood—from red that provokes energy to yellow that sparks happiness. You can even use a specific hue to transform your emotions into what you want and desire.

And now, you can have that kind of control as a hotel guest. The 146-room Angad Arts Hotel in St. Louis just opened to the public as the first hotel where you can book a room based on your desired emotion through color

There are four color options: Green for rejuvenation, yellow for happiness, red for passion, and blue for tranquility. If you’re booking last minute or choosing upon arrival, you’ll most likely have fewer colors to pick from—but you really can’t go wrong since all four hues deliver positive results.

And when we say room, we mean the color of the walls, the furnishings, the decor…everything. But the hue isn’t only element that is meant to mold some sort of emotion. Original art installations correspond with the assigned mood that complement the vibe.

While the color themes were there from the start, the emotional aspect was added later, according to Travel + Leisure. “We realized the experience of being in a room that’s all blue or all red is going to have a different effect on the guest,” says Steve Smith, CEO and founder of hotel developer Lawrence Group. “If we were going to saturate the rooms with color, why not promote the emotions?”

Looking beyond the bedroom, the entire hotel is a visual masterpiece. The employee uniforms are boldly designed, and the elevators are equipped with video-art installations that are sure to make the ride more enjoyable. An even on the exterior of the building, another video-art installation exists, which portrays silhouettes that look to be climbing building.

So, are you ready to choose your mood prior to vacationing? Check out their booking rates and more on their room options here.