Jocelyn’s Evolving Style

Name: Jocelyn
Location: San Francisco

There is no one main inspiration for my home. I feel that it’s a collective of my interests, background and style, which is constantly evolving. I am always discovering new architecture, design, music, art and fashion that influences and inspires my style. The best thing about creativity is that we get to reinvent ourselves all the time.

I am instinctively drawn to objects and the organization of space. Through my background in art I am hugely influenced and inspired by science and nature, and collect objects that reflect this.

My true passion is furniture and I have been designing pieces for 13 years. Some of my favorite pieces are my own. I have an addiction to collecting furniture pieces.

The biggest challenge this space poses (aside from not having a studio) is curbing my antique/ thrift store, flea market and ground score impulses because the space is so small. I really have had to control that urge to drag everything home thinking that I can totally do something with it. My second challenge is sharing my space with my 80 lb puppy, Superdog, who does not share the same level of design.

Thanks, Jocelyn!

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