Kara’s Fixed Up Fixer Upper

Name: Kara
Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma

My husband and I graduated from college 3 years ago, immediately bought a fixer-upper and began working. We started not knowing how to do anything- and have just finished with a wealth of knowledge and ton of experience.

It was certainly a labor of love as we literally gutted the entire house- moved walls, got rid of walls altogether, moved a kitchen, started 2 bathrooms from scratch, and much more all by ourselves!!!

Literally the ONLY thing we hired out was a carpet layer for our 3 bedrooms. We have a very unique style. We HATE “normal” and avoid it at all costs! We thrive on repurposing and reviving all sorts of things, for example – we turn mason jars into chandeliers, corrugated tin into a headboard, copper plumbing into a pot rack and so much more!

The mantra we live by is “DO WHAT YOU LOVE!” We LOVE designing and enjoy everyday we get to live out our dream either pleasing ourselves or our clients.

Thanks Kara !

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