Sarina’s Nostalgic Nook

(Welcome to Sarina from Seattle. She is one of the bloggers trying out for a place on the Apartment Therapy editorial team, covering different cities in the NW. Comments welcome!)

Name: Sarina (and my dog, Richard)
Location: Seattle, Washington

Sarina shares her own home as part of her blogging tryout – she writes: I’m not an artist in the conventional sense; my apartment is my canvas. I’m entertained through my surroundings and love to feel like I’m the curator of my own little art gallery, which is my home. It is important that my apartment be visually interesting from…

… whichever angle you are looking, which is why there is seating in every area so you aren’t restricted to one view. Since this is a rental, painting is not an option and poses a challenge common among renters: offsetting the starkness of white walls. Luckily, my aparment still retains the original wood moldings which add a lot of warmth. To add more color and interest, I cover the walls in art, don the couch with vibrantly colored cushions of different patterns, and dot the chairs with alpaca poufs and cashmere throws. Just like with fashion, accessories are a great way to dress up your furniture and change their outfits to suit your changing taste.

Movement comes from a mobile hanging in the corner, made by my younger brother and my beta fish that hangs on the wall below. Since I live in a studio, my goal is to make it ever-changing and interesting by filling it with things that are important to me, whether it be craigslist finds I have reupholstered and made my own, art made by my brother, or one of a kind hand me downs from my design savvy mother; I surround myself with things that make me smile. I also keep a cache of furniture in my storage space in queue for the next time I have an itch to change things up.

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