House Call: Jwen’s Refined Compact Space

Name: KNQ Associates

Location: West Coast Road, Singapore

Size: 2 bedrooms condominium apartment; approx. 1000sq. ft.

We’ve had a couple previous house tours and house calls from across the Pacific in Singapore before, and now we can add this stylish apartment to our growing list of Asian city homes. Design studio KNQ Associates designed this apartment for a young couple in their 30’s, trying to maximize the space and function within a moderate size living space, while drawing inspiration from the natural world…

How would you define your style?Our design studio KNQ Associates designed this apartment for a young couple in their 30s. Our studio’s style tends towards clean-cut lines and contemporary details.

What is your greatest inspiration?
Nature inspires us as designers. In designing a compact space like this, creating a feeling of space and refinement is of utmost importance. Drawing inspiration from the female owner’s love for florals, we took our cues from elements found in a garden and infused the space with a subtle sense of tamed wilderness – floral prints, stones, raw wood, greenery etc.

What is your favorite element of your home?
Our favourite part of this home is the entrance/ foyer area. We carved out a small pocket of space from the original living area to accommodate a nice entry point to the home, while maximising its function by means of incorporating a shoe storage area, a nice little bench for wearing shoes and even a mirror (which is actually the cabinet doors concealing the shoes) for checking oneself before stepping out of the house!

What is the biggest challenge of your home?
To maximise the space usage and functions within a constrained floor area.
For example, when we decided to segment the entry and living/ dining areas of this home, we were concerned whether the owners would mind having the original compact space being demarcated, which would mean the individual pockets of space would become smaller. But by means of the usage of materials like mirrors, wise choice of furniture and very detailed planning, we managed to eradicate this problem. And the clients are very pleased with the results.

What do friends say about your home?
Client commented their friends and relatives like the ‘airiness’ of the space.


  • Furniture: Customised pieces, Womb chair
  • Accessories: Imported artwork from Bali, Indonesia
  • Lighting: Lighting supplied by Lightcraft, Singapore
  • Rugs and Carpets: Shag rug imported from Belgium
  • Tiles and Stone: Man-made coultured stones
  • Window Treatments: Sheer Organza and polyester fabrics
  • Beds: Customised piece
  • Artwork: Imported artwork from Bali, Indonesia
  • Paint: ICI Dulux Master Palette
  • Flooring: Compressed marble in living/ dining areas and teak timber parquet for bedrooms

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

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