House Call: Sneak Peak at the WestEnd Lofts

Name: WestEnd Lofts
Location: Marina Del Rey, CA
Size: 3 units: studio, two bedroom and a sales office

Earlier this year I started working as a project manager with an interior designer here in LA. Most recently we completed a huge project for the Kor Group (the people behind the Viceroy Hotels) in the Marina. We had a small studio, a one bedroom, 2 two bedrooms and a sales office to configure while sticking to a style that would reflect the Kor Group, the west side and incorporate the taste of the designer, Nadia Geller. It was a challenge and Apartment Therapy came to the rescue more than once providing inspiration and great resources for accessories and artwork (both the kind you can buy and the DIY variety). Work got so hectic last week that I had to slack on my posting duties here at AT but now I’m excited (and relieved) to be able to share some photos of the finished product.

The images are from 3 different units that we completed this week. The overall job was to design the space for a sales office and then outfit the 4 model units so that people would be able to envision these empty spaces as a great place to live (and want to buy them).

Images 1-5
The first images are of the WestEnd Sales Office and this one needed to be functional and stylish. Armed with inspiration from Kelly Wearstler, great hotel lobbies and the feeling on Abbot Kinney this is what we came up with: classic, beachy, glamorous and a little industrial. My favorite part is the amazing light fixture from Lindsey Adelman in front of the library. I actually read about her on AT and got in touch with her. She hooked us up and was able to ship us the fixture quickly and explain how to install it.

Images 6-8
The next unit is what we called the ‘girl unit’: ultra glam, lots of pattern and lots of shimmer packed into a small space. The space is actually a studio and looks way smaller empty than it does filled with furniture. The cornerstone of the whole space is the oversized mural that Jill Crawford created for us. It shocked me to see how much pattern could fit into a small space and not make it feel chaotic. Instead the mish mash of textures, patterns and colors made it feel warm and inviting.

Images 9-13
The last unit was one of my favorites: a little woodland, overall neutral but rich in texture. We sanded down stumps for the entryway and framed some vintage postcards for pops of color. We used simple mid century pieces of furniture and added a green wall behind the bar to keep things interesting. You can’t see it here, but there’s a pretty awesome reclaimed wood headboard in one of the bedrooms that people are pretty impressed by when they walk in. I also really loved the little touches like the egg vases from mudpuppy on etsy.

I have tons of images and just narrowed them down to a few, so you’re not seeing the whole shebang. You can check out my flickr for more. If you’re interested in purchasing a loft, check out WestEnd’s site. And if you interested in hiring the designer I work for, check out Nadia Geller’s site.

(Images: Laure Joliet)