House Guests: The In-Laws

House Guests: The In-Laws

Grace Shu
Sep 17, 2007

House guests are different breed of headache (let's admit it: we're happy when they come, and 99.9% of the time, much happier when they leave), but we--and I'm making a very gross generalization on that "we"--stress out when our significant other's parents are coming. First: the cleaning to end all cleanings happens. Second: the making sure of food being in the fridge (all the subsequent cleaning of the fridge). Third: the activities to plan.

A personal story: My friend's in-laws are extremely easy-going and wonderful in all aspects of the word. They have their quirks (their idea of an afternoon well spent is going to Costco), but all in all, they are simply good parents who mean well and want to be useful, like stock up the freezer with homemade lasagna (yes), do your laundry (okay), and tell you that you need to replace your air conditioning unit (what?). However, my friend tells me, "At around the third day, I'm burnt out, cranky, and I want to kick em out."

Now, I've picked up a few tips on ways to be a better host, but I have yet to come across solutions to deal with the in-laws...It almost feels like they are particular brand of house guest that should be handled with extreme care (and caution). So here's our query: What tips or advice do you have for entertaining your in-laws to fend off the crankiness?

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