House & Home Roundup: 4.5 pts

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Party month! With Thanksgiving and the rest of the holidays hard upon us,
H&H jumped in with a vengeance last week with an airy and weightless front page article on old and new books on how to give a proper party.

In Hostess With the Mostes’ Jitters, we get old fashioned Dorothy Draper’s approach to parties as well as Kate Spade’s, while writer Eva Hagberg just tries to get by. While Dorothy Draper looks better and Kate Spade is cooler (what a horrific picture!), we get alot of discussion but not much wisdom.

People dominate the issue, but the Styles section already does this….

  • Far, Far From Neverland, A Spare and Quiet Place: Young director, Marc Forster’s Venice home is featured for its minimal style.
  • On 38th Floor, A $9 Million Sample Sale: Pierre Berge, Yves St. Laurent’s business partner, rarely visits his apartment in the Pierre Hotel, so the entire thing is up for sale, contents and all.
    (Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
  • Currents: Covers Los Angeles, but features attractive ceramic work by Charlie and Cheryl Dimont at Clay In LA, as well as by Edna Heath (original reissues) at Heath Ceramics.
  • Conquering Frost, So Flowers Bloom All Winter: Kay Macy, 92, saves her dahlias from the frost.
  • Personal Shopper: High, medium & low priced sideboards and plates for the holidays.
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