House Industries Textile Pillows

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

My friend Will is one of those bachelors who would have been a prime candidate for Queer Eye, especially in regards to his apartment. No joke, he sleeps on a mattress and a boxspring because he hasn’t “gotten around to getting a new bed.” (And it’s been about six years.) But recently, thanks to the prompting of various friends and his quest for a serious ladyfriend, he’s been making steps to spruce his place up. After all, what woman would want to be in a serious relationship with a guy who has a twin bed with no frame? So, in an effort to find more manly decorative items for his place, I’m sending him these pillows from the font-making studio of House Industries.

These pillows are riffed off their own fonts (Chalet Copmrimé and Simian E are pictured here), and are the perfect throw pillow size (14″x14″) for a sofa or a bed. Especially a queen size. Or at least a double!

Available at House Industries for $35.