House of L & G: Baby Proofers Plus

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Roaming Charges. In Jack Kornfield’s palm-sized gem, Buddha’s Little Instruction Book, I found this sage advice:

To give your cow or sheep a large, spacious meadow is the best way to control him.

This may be true, but my boys are faster than sheep and cows and they climb on everything. So, after a lot of hair pulling, the best way I have found to give them more freedom is to give them a safe, controlled space. That’s where Baby Proofers Plus comes in (212.628.8052).

Howard Applebaum, the owner, walked us through our apartment during the consultation and pointed out the potential hazards in a calm, reassuring way. He was NOT an alarmist. He even turned to me and said, “there’s nothing to do about that but say, ‘No.'”

After emailing me a detailed estimate (you can pick and choose what you want done), Howard arrived and spent three hours transforming our apartment into a safer place for our twin boys.

Was it expensive? Yes.
Was it worth it? Absolutely.

Howard has been childproofing for over fifteen years and he picks the best products. I can’t tell you how many gadgets I bought that broke, fell off, or became their own hazard. Some of Howard’s products I hadn’t even seen such as a plexiglass cover for the hot water tap in the tub (yes, my sons love to try to turn that scalding water on!).

Since the boys were pulling off the radiator covers, he secured them to the wall and two large mirrors were mounted securely on the wall. And remember that gate that I put up in the kitchen? It’s gone. The boys can wander in and keep me company while I throw together dinner because all is safe and secure.

This is one instance where money bought time and peace of mind. Howard and Baby Proofers Plus did it all and did it beautifully.

After Howard left, my sons were not happy. They ran around the apartment pulling at every cabinet door. They were outraged!

We had restricted their freedom and denied them their inalienable right to explore. I panicked. Too many restrictions! What am I doing locking them out of their own space? And then a day went by and we all saw that they had more space and freedom to roam. Their meadow had indeed grown and they were, once again, very happy. LMD

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