House of L & G: Baby Wipes Aren’t Just for Babies Anymore

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Since we have twin boys and now worry about things we have never thought of before, we had our apartment inspected for lead. Glad we did, as we learned where there was lead and where we didn’t have to worry. We also found a great resource.

I highly recommend a wonderful inspector named Chauncey Sage (845.497.7465), who has been in the business for over 20 years. We learned a lot, but never new how versitile babywipes truly were until Chauncey.

Environmental lead (from pollution etc.) is more of a risk factor than lead in the home, but there is little you can do for it except to buy a good airpurifier AND use babywipes on window sashes and indoor and outdoor sills. Just take a wipe and wipe up the dust and debris once a week. It’s easy and it works – and that’s from a certified lead inspector.

It’s really too hot to write more (our AC is broken! But that’s another story). LMD