House of L & G: Calling all Mothers of Invention

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Help! This is what I need today: a new, plastic splat mat. We’re making big changes in the eating dept. We are even getting rid of our Ikea Highchairs, but I’ll tell you about that next week.

What we need right now is a new splat mat like those chopping mats you find. You know those mats that are made out of supposedely bacteria resistant plastic? They are called flexible chopping mats. You’re supposed to use one for meat, one for fish etc. I want someone to make a splat mat for under a highchair out of this thin, rigid plastic surface. I want it to be round so that I can put it under the area where my guys eat (and do a lot of other things with their food).

I’ve already made one beautiful splat mat. I went to the fabric store, got funky coated cotton fabric, cut it to size and I loved it for awhile, but now I am done with it. I’m tired of picking it up off the floor, shaking it out like an old sheet and washing it.

Now, if I had this circle of bacterial resistant plastic – I could wipe it up or bring it over to the sink and give it a good scrub. THAT would be MUCH easier. Has anyone seen anything like this? LMD