House of L & G: Sucking on Labels and Using Their Imagination

House of L & G: Sucking on Labels and Using Their Imagination

Maxwell Ryan
Apr 29, 2005

I admit that I ogle the on-line, modern stores for children (and I will talk about them more at another time). If I had the cash, maybe I would buy more – and maybe it is a very good thing that I don't have the cash. There are times when I realize that we don't need all the bells and whistles. It's that thing my mother used to yell at me – use your imagination! But said in a gentle tone, it's true.

This morning, my son, Gabriel, pushed a simple, wooden dining room chair across the room. He zoomed across the floor, amazed by the speed of his travel, delighted by the feel of his bare feet on the wooden floor. Luca, my other son, rested his head on a patchwork, pillow and ran his hand over the fabric feeling every texture and groove. When he discovered its label he happily sucked on it.

My twin boys take risks every minute. They lick what probably shouldn't be licked, jump on things that are not as soft as they thought, and chew on just about anything. I know this kind of exploration causes us to run around and childproof, we have to do that, but this morning when I sat watching their investigations I wondered what would happen if we had to "make do"
with what we had? Would we reinvent the mundane?

If we could stop childproofing ourselves and play – it could get a lot more interesting out there. Chairs transformed into vehicles and labels could taste as good as gum. What would have happened if I had bought Gabriel and Luca that fancy walker? A chair would still just be a chair. Take a new look at what is
already around you…go ahead…you may even want to lick it.

Try not buying anything new today and play with what you already got. LMD

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