House of L & G: The Air Since Then...

House of L & G: The Air Since Then...

Maxwell Ryan
May 13, 2005

It must have been after 9-11 that I became so conscious of the air quality in the city. Drafts of sorrowful smoke drifted uptown into our West Village apartment. Friends who volunteered at the site developed respitory infections. Others with children simply packed up, left town and waited for the air to clear. It was perhaps the least of the tragedies that came from that day, but 9-11 drew our attention skyward in more than one way.

Now that I have children, I see the air again. When they are in the carriage, I swerve to avoid busses belching their exhaust and cars sitting with their engines idling. I cross the street when I see a conclave of smokers in my way.

But, when we moved to a third floor apartment on a busy, downtown avenue, and the fumes from cars and busses came right in, and our neighbor's cigarette smoke crept under the door, I began to worry about the air-quality inside our home. When I relayed this to my sage and very, very, very low-key pediatrician, she strongly suggested that we get an air-purifier.

"It's the most important thing you can have in your home," she said. That's all I needed.

After doing extensive research I bought an IQ Air Purifier and it has been revolutionary. The air quality in our apartment changed drastically. I feel confident that my babies are as protected as they can be from the city fumes.

This air purifier is expensive, but this is not something you want to mess around with. The money we didn't spend on expensive highchairs went to theHealthPro Plus. It controls a wide range of gaseous contaminants and odors.

Most air purifiers filter particles, but this baby also removes the widest range of airborne chemicals as well as significantly relieving allergies and asthma. ( The American Lung Association recommends the IQ purifier). The timer lets you use a high setting when you're not at home while the lower setting gives off a very soothing - white noise - hum. The three filters get changed only once a year!

Oh, it's ugly and its size may seem over the top, but it has given my family and me peace of mind and, I sincerely believe, better health. Granted, we live in a pollution-high zone, but the other day when we had some plasterwork done I wheeled the purifier in and just zapped those fumes.

Would I have bought this if I didn't have children? I hope so. But looking at my boys sucking in all that air - I definitely saw how vulnerable we all are. This invention has really improved our quality of life. LMD

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