Swapping Homes: Accepting Change

Swapping Homes: Accepting Change

Abby Stone
Aug 24, 2011

The pile of things I'm taking with me has started. There are things I know I'll be taking — a box of contact lenses, my favorite scarf, the extra camera battery — and then there are the undecideds.

Measuring cups and spoons, a yoga mat, an almost full bottle of my favorite shampoo — these aren't things I'd normally pack. But, I'll be living there — cooking and cleaning, shopping for groceries — and these things form part of my daily life. I don't need to bring them with me...or do I? It's funny but I've noticed, as my departure date draws nearer, my nesting instinct has kicked in full force. There's the sudden flurry of house projects, the deep cleaning, the recipes I'm finally going through and trying. I'm spending more time at home.

This adventure is something I've been wanting for a long time. I should be excited. And I am. But I've been also having quite a few days like yesterday, where I've found myself on the verge of tears. My gramma used to say, be careful of what you wish for, you might get it. And now I know what she means. Like many people, my biggest wishes for myself involve change. And, while it's something I embrace, there's something a little frightening about it too. Things will be different. More importantly, will I be different? And the real fear, what if I'm not?

I'm sure, when it comes time to pack, the measuring cups, the yoga mat and the shampoo won't make it into my bag. I don't need them. I'll learn to use a new system, I can always buy a yoga mat and it'll be fun to try new products. I'm looking forward to things being different. I'm just hoping that I will be too.

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Image: Abigail Stone

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