A Lifestyle Store Owner’s Minimal, Timeless Home

updated Apr 30, 2019

A Lifestyle Store Owner’s Minimal, Timeless Home

updated Apr 30, 2019
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Name: Audrey Morissette her husband Francois and baby William
Location: Blainville, Quebec
Size: 2,380 square feet
Years lived in: 4 years, owned

Audrey Morissette established her store Boutique Vestibule in 2014 in the Mile End of Montreal. Vestibule is an original lifestyle concept shop that offers decorative accessories, clothing brands, jewelry and many local products carefully chosen, all in a minimalist, feminine and timeless style. Her house in Blainville, which she shares with her husband Francois and newborn baby William, is just like her shop: feminine, colorful and full of life!

This home is spacious and full of natural light streaming throughout the various rooms around the house. And Audrey’s style — a mix of minimalist, feminine, timeless and joyful — complements the architecture beautifully. Decorated with a lots and lots of goodies from her store, Audrey says it’s quite hard to control herself from bringing home everything she has at the shop.


Gold Pillow — Anthropologie
Hooks — Boutique Vestibule
Lightning Fixture — was there when we bought the house
Wall lightning — Boutique Vestibule
Mirror — West Elm
Console — Mobilier De Gaspé
Vases — Boutique Vestibule
Blue vase — Boutique Vestibule
Painted wood blocks —Boutique Vestibule
Rug — Boutique Vestibule
Flowers arrangement — Laurie Anne – Atelier Fleurs

Sofa — Anthropologie
Embroidery Blue Pillow — Anthropologie
Wood Console —Pottery Barn
Cotton Flowers — Boutique Vestibule
Copper Terrariums —Anthropologie
Library decorative accessories — Boutique Vestibule
Frame — Boutique Vestibule
White decorative cactus — Boutique Vestibule
Candles — Boutique Vestibule
Books — Boutique Vestibule
Decorative pineapple — Boutique Vestibule
Poster — Boutique Vestibule
Yellow Basket — West Elm
Yellow armchair — Ikea
Gold Pillow —Anthropologie
Brass side table — West Elm
Rug —West Elm
Coffee table —Maison Corbeil
Plant basket — Boutique Vestibule
Brass floor lamp —Maison Corbeil
Flowers arrangement —Laurie Anne – Atelier Fleurs

Table — custom made
Dining chairs — Maison Corbeil
Vases — Boutique Vestibule
Lightning — West Elm
Planter — West Elm
Flowers arrangement —Laurie Anne – Atelier Fleurs
Desk and chair — Maison Corbeil
Lamp — Boutique Vestibule
Desk Vases — Boutique Vestibule
Frame and Print — Boutique Vestibule

Stools — Ikea
Clock — Boutique Vestibule
Mugs — Boutique Vestibule, Anthropologie and West Elm
Kitchen scale — Boutique Vestibule
Colorful Bowls — Boutique Vestibule, Anthropologie and West Elm
Jars — Boutique Vestibule
Toaster — West Elm
Fruit Basket — Boutique Vestibule
Yellow Tray — Maison Simons
Breakfast set up — Crate and Barrel
Recipe book holder — Trois Fois par Jour
Lighting — Boutique Vestibule
Flowers arrangement — Laurie Anne – Atelier Fleurs

Baskets — Boutique Vestibule
Ladder — Boutique Vestibule
Magazine Holder Rack — Boutique Vestibule
Ottoman — Boutique Vestibule
Sofa — Ikea
Acapulco chairs — Prunelle Furniture
Pillows — Simon’s
Side Table — Boutique Vestibule
Mirror — Boutique Vestibule
Rug, tray, vases — Boutique Vestibule
Pineapple — Boutique Vestibule
Flowers arrangement — Laurie Anne – Atelier Fleurs

Rug — Boutique Vestibule
Desk — Ikea
Copper Grid, posters, vases, stationery products — Boutique Vestibule
Desk Clock — Boutique Vestibule
Drawer Unit — Ikea
Heart paper bag — Boutique Vestibule
Planter — Boutique Vestibule
Chair — Prunelle Furniture

Crib — Ikea
Changing Table — Ikea
Paper Toy Bags, dots basket, wall decals, mobile, animal pillows, activity gym and playmats — Boutique Vestibule
Armchair — Ikea
Wall House Shelf — Vestibule Mini

Console — West Elm
Mint Basket — Boutique Vestibule
Terrarium — West Elm

Wall Macrame — Boutique Vestibule
Rug — Boutique Vestibule
Bed — Maison Corbeil
Bedding — West Elm
Side tables —Maison Corbeil
Vase — Boutique Vestibule
Planter — West Elm
Lightning — Boutique Vestibule

Wall decals, vases, rug —Boutique Vestibule
Mirror — Simons
Basket — Boutique Vestibule

Thanks, Audrey, François and William!

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