Amy & Noah’s Mid-Century Modern Ranch House

published Aug 22, 2015
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(Image credit: Fabienne Ayina)

Name: Amy, Noah, River, Darby, and Isaiah
Location: Portland, Maine
Size: 1,800 square feet
Years lived in: 9 years; Owned

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Far away from white and empty spaces, Amy and Noah celebrate the art of uniqueness, embracing blasts from the past, dramatic patterns and a modern era. The result is so refreshing that it left me speechless.

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Amy, River, Noah, Isaiah, and Darby (Image credit: Fabienne Ayina)
(Image credit: Fabienne Ayina)

Amy and Noah are the founders of Picnic, an indie music and art festival, and owners of Pinecone+Chickadee, a boutique full of quirky finds and old-time surprises. They live in Portland, Maine, with their two sons, Darby and River. Isaiah, Amy’s nephew, is here for a summer retreat at the time of my visit. Their home, a late 1950s ranch, is somehow an extension of their store and a time travel experience to a retro-chic universe. The couple’s affinity for the modern period is evident the moment you step into an entryway full of geometric shapes. Sunbursts and Scandinavian furniture of my dreams stand proudly in the living room among a collection of modern objects, exquisitely displayed. Taking another look at my surroundings, I spot colorful accent walls, carefully-selected furnishings, and phosphorescent green cascades of happy house plants that cheer me up immediately. Amy assures me there have been a lot of DIY projects, slowly-but-surely renovations, and trips to the flea markets in search of Mid-century to 1970s treasures.

As I wander through the interiors, the floors open to a succession of cozy spaces and rooms themes. By now, I can feel the hot breeze of an imaginary desert as I am waiting for Joan Didion to appear at any given minute and show me around the rest of the hideaway. Or maybe we could have a quick chat over a fresh lemonade in tall orange glasses with giant ice cubes at the yellow Formica kitchen table.

Apartment Therapy Survey:

Our Style: A mix of Mid-century through ’70s flea market finds.

Vintage decorating books, old family photos, Wes Anderson movies, colors, patterns, textures, music.

Favorite Element: The large windows in the living room.

Biggest Challenge: Paring down. When we first bought our house, we went a little crazy filling it up. It was absurd how much we accumulated from just thrifting and yard sale-ing. Now we’re trying to get rid of stuff we don’t need.

What Friends Say: “Oh, your house looks just like your shop!” Which makes sense because we fill our shop and our home with stuff that we love.

Biggest Embarrassment: I do not have a green thumb, but I am quite fond of houseplants. I’m now better than I used to be with taking care of them, though I still manage to kill some that are considered the easiest plants to grow.

Proudest DIY: Our whole house. We’ve been slowly renovating our 1959 ranch ourselves as time and budget permit. So far we’ve put in hardwood floors throughout most of the house; retiled the kitchen and entryways; completely redid the bathrooms and outside deck; and wallpapered the guest bedroom and main entryway. Next on our to-do list is to tackle the kitchen cabinets and countertops.

Biggest Indulgence: Flying a good friend out from the West Coast to reupholster our living room set.

Best Advice: If you don’t have a lot of money to spend, be patient. Scour flea markets and thrift stores, and over time your dream home will slowly come together without having to break the bank.

Dream Sources: Flea markets, thrift stores, and yard sales.



  • I can’t remember any of the names of the colors, but all the paint is from Benjamin Moore.
(Image credit: Fabienne Ayina)


  • Japanese wall art: vintage
  • Wallpaper: Mahone’s Wallpaper Shop
  • Planter: vintage
  • Picnic Music+Arts Festival silkscreen print: Amy Teh
(Image credit: Fabienne Ayina)


  • Living room furniture: vintage
  • White lamp with blue shade: Target
  • Pee Wee Herman Snakes silkscreen print: Little Friends of Printmaking
  • Take It Easy silkscreen print: Brainstorm
  • Neapolitan Abraham Lincoln print: Justin Richel
  • Mossman print: Medusawolf
  • Doom Division HQ print: Medusawolf
  • Cosmic Canoe print: Apak Studio
  • A Gentle Puff print: Laura George
  • Unhappy Puppet silkscreen print: Row Boat Press
  • Sunburst clock: vintage
(Image credit: Fabienne Ayina)


  • Kitchen table: vintage
  • Chairs: Ikea
  • Clock: vintage
  • Hanging yellow lamp: vintage
  • Chrome mushroom lamp: vintage
(Image credit: Fabienne Ayina)


  • Bed and floating side tables: handmade by Noah
  • Dresser: vintage
  • Green white orange silkscreen: Brainstorm
  • Fabric wall art : vintage
  • Orange chair: vintage
(Image credit: Fabienne Ayina)


  • Kids’ bunk bed: Ikea
  • Shelf: Ikea
  • Orange hanging lamp: vintage
  • Dinosaur Alphabet print: 55 Hi’s
  • Solar System print: Brainstorm
  • Night Flight print: Laurageorge
  • Glow-in-the-dark eye: Elise Becksvoort
  • Lite Brite: vintage
  • Moon silkscreen print: Amy Teh
(Image credit: Fabienne Ayina)


  • Hanging chair: vintage
  • Portland Buy Local print: Amy Teh
  • Northeast silkscreen print: Brainstorm
  • Eat More Plants silkscreen print: Brainstorm
  • You Smell Good print: Melanie Linder
  • Owls print: Melanie Linder
  • Gwen print: AshleyG
(Image credit: Fabienne Ayina)


  • Clawfoot tub: vintage
  • Looking Good comb print: Yardsale Press
  • Sunset sailboat fabric art: vintage
  • Mirrored medicine cabinets and sink: Ikea
  • Wall penny tiles: Mosaic Tile Supplies

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Thanks, Amy & Noah!