House Tour: Danny & Carlos Do Color in East Lakeview

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Name: Danny and Carlos
Location: East Lakeview
Size: 950 sq/ft
Years lived in: 4

Some of you may remember this orange Midway Airport seating posted back in August. We asked (actually, Danny asked) if you thought it was Hot or Not, and with overwhelming Hot! responses, we arranged a house tour to see what other exciting color and collectibles Danny had for show and tell. This house tour was a pleasure to shoot…we entered on a sunny day, it stormed like crazy while we were there, and then before leaving we were invited back for Carlos’ special recipe margaritas (and the sun came back out). While there was so much to see in each room, we really fell for the small kitchen, which was covered in color, plants, photos, postcards, and colorful currency. (Look for their Color Contest entry soon…)

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

our Style: I want to say we have some strong leanings to Mid-Century modern but I don’t think we can really say we subscribe to that or any particular style for sure. We have very eclectic tastes, in both colors, furnishings and knick-knacks. Some might say too eclectic, bordering on “mish-mash” possibly “mish-messy”.

the Inspiration for our home: Every room and every corner has a different inspiration. We tend to buy things we really love and think we would enjoy and try to fit it into the space and coordinate with and around it. We definitely have had some trials trying to go with one particular style or another and we ended up realizing that every element, no matter how disparate, has a complement somewhere. The fun part is discovering what and where!

favorite Element: Everything we’ve chosen to surround ourselves with is a favorite but aside from the “stuff” we’ve collected, we just LOVE the way our friends and family react to the colors and styles. They are such great conversation starters; great fun and conversation with friends is priceless!

biggest Challenge in designing our home: Space! We try to maximize space as much as we can while making it livable. We are constantly on the look-out for furniture that can provide great storage value or is clean/transparent. We have so many consoles with drawers, and they are filled to the brim!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

what Friends Say: They love the colors and they always want a house tour. We are constantly acquiring different items and re-arranging the furniture to maximize the space and to keep things interesting. We like to keep things visual because it’s a great conversation starter when having friends or groups over for drinks.

biggest Embarassment: Gosh, How many! In order of importance: Bathroom, Bedroom Closet and kitchen. We are going to renovate the bathroom soon and have Elfa closet organizers installed, so hopefully we can shorten that list to just the kitchen. Also, when we first moved in everything was Beige! Every wall! All the carpeting in every room! We lived with that for about a year, we finally got tired of it and went for some COLOR!!

proudest DIY: The wall with the bright color squares in the bedroom. They literally took us an entire week to do. We started out with a simple plan of removing a single layer of beige paint, we ended up with a small blow torch, chisel and hammer and about 8 layers of paint that we scraped into several garbage bags. We got to the bare concrete and hand stenciled and colored each square. Our first project, so that wall is here to stay!! I also changed all the wall switches to touch panels to turn on/off/dim the lights.

biggest Indulgence: We downgraded (or upgraded?) from a Stearns and Foster King Size bed with an Ikea frame to a Queen Sonno Prima Medium memory foam mattress with matching pillows and the Min (formerly Alu) bed frame, both from Design Within Reach. We got some really great DKNY sheets and it is our little slice of heaven on earth!! We also had Pergo Laminate flooring put in every room about a year ago, replacing some really ugly beige carpeting and linoleum that was underneath that!

best Advice given or received: Buy what you love!! Don’t think twice about how something might look or what other people might think. The same way there is personal style for clothing, there is personal style in the home. It should be dynamic and vibrant and be a physical representation of yourself, be it the clean black or white lines of a minimalist aesthetic or the quirky, colorful ramblings of 60’s mod or anything in between. If you love it, it’ll work!!

our Dream Source for stuff: Design Within Reach and,,, Williams-Sonoma, Bloomingdales Home, CB2, Room & Board, any and all antique shops, yard sales, resale shops…

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Appliances…Sony, Samsung, Krups
Furniture…Brown Elephant Resale Shop, Highbrow Furniture
Accessories…Brown Elephant, Branch Home, Mighty Goods
Lighting…Brown Elephant, Chiasso, Design Within Reach, Cool Stuff
Paint…Behr Paint from Home Depot
Beds…Design Within Reach
Artwork…Brown Elephant
Other…pure contemporary blog