House Tour: Dan’s NoHo loft

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Name: Daniel Vickery
Location: North Hollywood, CA
Size: 750 sq. ft.

We featured Dan’s (aka Masrade) flickr find a few weeks back, and now we bring you the official house tour!

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Years lived in: 3 months

My/our Style: I like to think that my style is a mix of minimalist and modern with a bit of technology thrown in the mix. I remember reading a plug for some lofts downtown; they were described as ‘industrial art deco.’ If money wasn’t an issue, I think that would best describe what I’m shooting for.

The Inspiration for my home: I find that I’m most inspired by modern and boutique hotels, including: the 25 Hours Hotel (Germany), Standard Hotel (Downtown LA), Ku Damm 101 (Berlin), Kube Hotel (Paris), Hotel Yasmin (Prague)

Favorite element: My favorite elements about my new home include the exposed roof and ductwork, and the polished concrete floor. Growing up in Southern Orange County I was never exposed to anything other than single family stucco homes. As I grew to develop my own taste, and began to travel I always dreamed of moving to the heart of a city. A few years back I went to check out a couple lofts downtown, and fell in love with the raw aspect of loft living.

Biggest Challenge in designing my home: By far, the largest challenge in adapting to loft living was furnishing a space without walls, or storage. I’ve learned to avoid buying things that I won’t use on a daily basis. It’s amazing how easily a one room home can become cluttered.

What friends Say about my home: Friends always tease me about having OCD, and being really clean. I’m pretty sure a few of them wonder how I feel comfortable in a home that seems sparse and probably a bit cold. As a whole though, everyone seems to really enjoy hanging out and listening to music.

Biggest Embarrassment in my home: The biggest embarrassment in my home is definitely my laundry basket. I’ve been using a cheap Ikea wooden basket to pile my dirty clothes into. I’m working on convincing my girlfriend that I need a Vipp laundry basket to match the waste bin

Proudest DIY: I am most proud of kitchen table. I bought the table last year from Ikea, and it has nice minimal design, with a large wooden vice that is attached to the side of the table. My girlfriend helped me stain the natural grain of the vice to a dark walnut matching the other woods in my unit. As it was my first experience staining wood, I was worried about screwing up my new table, but all said and done it turned out perfect!

Biggest Indulgence with respect to my home: The largest indulgence in my home is definitely the Vipp waste bin. I’ve loved the Vipp since I first laid eyes on its unchanged simple modern design. At $379 it was more than I had budgeted for a trashcan; however, I love its clean aesthetic and quality make.

The stove, oven and dishwasher are all GE, and came with the unit. I recently purchased my LG refrigerator from Best Buy online for $899 with a $100 rebate. I filled out the rebate online, and received the rebate before the fridge was delivered. I am ordinarily weary of Best Buy; however, I’m confident that I got a steal on the fridge.

I have a tendency to purchase storage from Ikea, and seating from DWR (when it’s on sale). I’m a sucker for the classics; I’d imagine my dream home would be furnished with mostly Eames, Bertoia, and Saarien.
I’ve had great success with eBay over the years. I love to spend hours on eBay looking for a steal.