LA House Tour: Grace’s “Dr. HouseLove”

[This is our last week of posts from our three finalists, each vying for a spot on the AT:LA roster. We bring you the last post from Grace, one of our three finalists who kindly shares with us her own home!]

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Name: Grace Hsiu
Location: Pasadena
Size: Give or take 1500 sq ft.
Years lived in: About 3 months
My Style: Quirky Prep

For years, I’ve used excuses like, “Well, I’m RENTING so I’ll just have to live with these avocado-colored formica countertops…” and “Well, I like this color but he likes that color, so we’re just not going to paint at all.” But three months ago, when I opened the door to my first house, I realized that I had taken on a bit of a project: furnishing my house to be, well, my home; and trying to figure out exactly what my own personal style is. The former is hard on the bank account; and the latter is harder especially after four years of having not your style, or my style, but OUR style.

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So here’s what I’ve learned so far: Walking into a floor sample sale is good karma; too many tchotchkes with no sentimental value is like waking up with a red wine hangover; and always ALWAYS listen to your mum when she tells you to put the damn chair in the corner and stop worrying about it already.

Favorite Element: My art collection. It times get rough, at least I can hock some stuff on eBay!

What friends say about my Home: “Is your sofa a sleeper?” (Because no one likes to drive home from Pasadena) And, “Where did you get that art in the entryway?”

Most Embarrassing Element: My lack of a coffee table in the living room. I just haven’t found the right one yet…And my lawn. The sprinklers broke about 3 weeks ago, and I haven’t fixed em yet.

Biggest Challenge: Dealing with two bathrooms that need major renovating. And arranging my living room furniture so not everything is against a wall.

Proudest DIY: Working with my mum to create bench beds for my dog. The benches are Ikea bookcases, and my mum made the cushions out of washable microsuede, velcro, and 3-inch foam.

Appliances: Sears, Howards
Furniture & Lighting: Craigslist, Crate and Barrel, Ikea, Pottery Barn, Cost Plus, Target, Rose Bowl, and the Fairfax High School Swap Meet
Paint: Ralph Lauren, Benjamin Moore
Window Treatment: My mum