House Tour: Tricia and Peter's Hip and Colorful Pad

House Tour: Tricia and Peter's Hip and Colorful Pad

Oct 28, 2008

Name: Tricia and Peter
Location: San Francisco (ashbury heights/mt. olympus)
Size: Approx. 600 sq. ft. (?)
Years lived in: Less than one (renting)


Although Tricia and Peter have moved from this apartment since our House Tour last year (and added a member of the family), we thought we'd re-run it because their home's so cheery, eclectic, and colorful. (What more could you ask for during Color Month?)


AT Survey:

my/our style: a maximalist mix of modern and homespun. i embrace the kitsch and the quirk, but try to do so in a studied way. i really love modern, sculptural, thoughtful design, but love handmade or handcrafted touches even more. i have been an avid, if not obsessive thrift shopper, since my teens. i am a huge fan of saturated colors and contrasting/complementary color schemes, and love the jolt they give to the eye when used together. i like cute, silly, and sometimes tacky things (or what others might consider tacky). i am very obsessed with the color orange! peter, my husband, is a software designer who happily and generously leaves much of the design decisions to me (i'm a fashion designer and artist).

the inspiration for our home: kitschy craft and interior design books from the 1960s and 1970s, modern and post-modern art (especially artists like rauchenberg, warhol, johns... and many, MANY more), mid-century modern furniture design, Marimekko fabric prints, vintage clothing from the 1960s-1980s, magazines like Domino, Dwell, and websites like AT, Desire to Inspire, Decor8, and looking at other people's homes on flickr....really, everything i see and whatever strikes my eye is inspirational to me, regardless of whether it's home-related or not.

favorite element: i really love the living room area best, how it's coming together from a design perspective. it's warm and cheery, and it's where we do most of our living, as such. and it's dominated by a bank of huge floor to ceiling windows and doors, which give us a view of the west side of the city of san francisco, the golden gate bridge, and the pacific. the architecture of the house is very spare and 1960s (when the building was built) so that's nice too...akin to blank slate in my opinion.


biggest challenge in designing my home: lack of space...the useable space is less than it seems and there isn't room for everything. the lack of space is super tough for a pack-rat collector-sort like me! also, i dislike the cabinets and such that were here when we moved in; can't change them because we're just renting and may not stay here very long. if it was our place, i'd change them in a heartbeat.

what friends say about my home: clean, cozy, colorful, cute

biggest embarrassment in my home: the bedroom and bathrooms...they are largely eyesores that i am still working on, designwise, thus they aren't shown. :( again, the fixtures and cabinetry came with the place and we're reluctant to invest in the place to change it, as we want to find another apartment later this year, something larger.

proudest DIY: we haven't changed much about the physical details of the apartment, so my DIY skills come in more with the arrangement of the furniture and accessories, i suppose! i do quite like the simple labels i made for the drawers of my card catalog (hand-stamped on colored cardstock). it pulls color in from the other side of the room (in red, orange, green, and yellow).

biggest indulgence with respect to my home: the bed (which isnt shown)! several years ago we got a new sonno prima (foam) mattress and min bed from DWR...sleeping on it is heavenly, and the frame itself is nicely unobrusive and understated in a house of bright, loud, old junk!

best advice given or received: this applies to anything creative, including interior design: don't take life too seriously. if you're not having fun, you're doing it wrong!

also, i think david hicks got it right when he wrote this about color:
"The first thing to be said about color is that clashing colors do not exist. The whole idea of certain colors conflicting violently with others was nonsense dreamed up by a lot of genteel women in the 1930s. Colors do not clash, they vibrate... So do not be afraid to use color freely. Have courage. As with drawing, painting, acting or any creative activity, you must attack with strength."

dream source for stuff: a vintage furniture store jam packed with perfect mid-century pieces at reasonable prices! in san francisco, i quite like the mission district store monument. everything in there is modern, bright and lovely. if i had an unlimited stash of cash, i'd go there first...and maybe hit some of the other vintage places along valencia street when i was done. i also wouldn't mind having a go at the more expensive pieces in the DWR catalog!


• came with the apartment

• came with the apartment

• Design Within Reach (couch, barstools, round table)
• IKEA (bookshelves, TV stand, desk, etc.)
• Herman Miller (desk chair)
• Crate and Barrel (cd holders)
The Apartment (vintage furniture store in the Mission for coffee table)
• auctions (the card catalog was from a community college surplus auction in Florida)
• The Container Store (shelves above desk)

• secondhand/vintage mostly from thrift stores across the USA, finds from travels to Europe, other travels
• handmade by me
• random furniture/accessories stores
• Jonathan Adler (pillows)
• Alameda Antique Flea Market (this and that!)

• came with the house (hall and kitchen lighting)
• Thrift Town (Mission and 17th)
• MOMA store (NYC)
• The Touch (Mission District, SF)

• came with the apartment

• came with the apartment

Window Treatments:
• came with the apartment

Kiitos Marimekko, NYC (fabric for wallhanging)
village (For Like Ever poster)
• eBay
• thrift stores in florida, new york, california
• self-made (painting on top of card catalog)

• Check out Tricia's shop and blog here: bits and bobbins).

Thanks, Tricia and Peter!

(Editor's note: We're leaving the comments off for this one. Tricia and Peter just want to share their house.)

(Edited from a post originally published 08.01.07)

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